Looking forward to 2023

Thank you for your co-operation in 2022
Our warmest congratulations to the candidates, parents, teachers and accompanists who successfully navigated the many challenges of 2022.

Unfortunately, the stability that we had all hoped for didn’t eventuate. The high incidence of respiratory illness throughout the community again disrupted examination preparation and examination services. Examiners and administrative personnel were not immune from COVID-19 infection and isolation requirements.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we dealt with the high volume of enrolment change requests, and scheduled – and re-scheduled – tens of thousands of examinations in difficult circumstances. We are most grateful to the examiners who graciously accepted numerous last-minute timetable changes and frequent requests for additional examining time.

Examinations in 2023
In 2023, we are planning to offer face-to-face Practical examinations in the usual sessions: 4 Metropolitan, 2 Regional, 2 Special Subjects, 2 Rockschool and 2 Licentiate sessions. 2023 session dates and entry dates may be found here. AMEB Victoria desk calendars will be mailed to people who enrolled in 2022. If you are enrolling for the first time in 2023, please contact us if you would like a desk calendar mailed to you.

Practical examinations by pre-recorded video submission will continue to be available in 2023, covering all Music Repertoire grades and selected Rockschool subjects.

Written examinations in most subjects will be available online. Theory of Music grades will be offered in online and paper-based examination formats, on application.

New syllabuses and publications for 2023
New Flute and Trumpet publications will provide additional repertoire for examinations:

  • New Flute Series 4 publications. Read more >
  • New Trumpet Series 2 Grade 5 and Grade 6 publications. Read more >

The Oboe and Clarinet syllabuses have been refreshed:

  • The 2023 Oboe Level 2 and Level 3 syllabus has been revised: works have been added and the number of movements required for longer works has been reduced. Read more >
  • The 2023 Clarinet Level 3 syllabus has been revised: works have been added and the number of movements required for longer works has been reduced. Read more >

The revised syllabuses are published in the 2023 Manual of Syllabuses – Music Syllabuses which is available for purchase in the traditional hard copy format or as a digital file (PDF); and digital syllabuses are available for individual instruments and instrument families. All AMEB and Rockschool teaching and learning resources may be purchased on AMEB Connect at discounted prices for AMEB Victoria clients.

New syllabuses and publications introduced in 2022 included:

  • New Violin syllabus and Series 10 publications. Read more >
  • New Horn syllabus and Series 2 publications. Read more >
  • New Trombone and Euphonium Series 2 publications. Read more >
  • New technical work for Piano for Leisure. Read more >

As usual, the syllabuses introduced in 2022 will co-exist alongside the superseded (2021) syllabuses for a period of two years and will be withdrawn from examination at the end of 2023.

We look forward to supporting you and your students as they endeavour to achieve their musical aspirations in 2023.

Best wishes for a relaxing, enjoyable, safe summer break from Heidi, Jeremy, Lisa, Matthew, Sarah, and me.

Alwyn Mott, BMus, DipEd(Melb), GradDipBusAdmin(Monash), AMusA
General Manager
AMEB Victoria

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