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Rockschool Video Exams

Submit a Rockschool video examination.

Video examination performances are uploaded to YouTube and submitted to AMEB Victoria via our submission form. The enrolling person or candidate must create a Google account, then a YouTube channel, to which the video will be uploaded. The visibility setting should be set to unlisted so that the video can be shared with AMEB but will not appear in YouTube search results.

Click here to download the Rockschool video exam guide.

Click here to download the Video Exam Tips information sheet.

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Rockschool updates
Rockschool reports will now be uploaded to AMEB Connect giving the enroller the convenience of accessing online reports and results. After the exam, the enroller will receive an email advising that reports and results are available to download and print, or email to the candidate. Reports are uploaded to AMEB Connect within two (2) weeks of Rockschool examinations. Certificates will be posted to the enrolling person or school within three (3) weeks of the examination.

Rockschool awards will be printed on AMEB certificates and will be posted to enrollers within 3 weeks after the examination date. (A Rockschool UK e-certificate will be available to successful candidates, on request.)

Live accompaniment is now allowed for Free Choice Pieces in Rockschool exams. The new Vocals books now include piano accompaniment parts.

Self-accompaniment is also now allowed for Free Choice Pieces in Rockschool exams. You can sing along to your guitar piece or play piano while you sing your vocal piece.

Minor creative choices are now permitted when playing the notation in Grade book pieces. You can embellish the melodies and make small changes to the written score. You will not be penalised for these deviations.

Backing tracks are no longer mandatory for Free Choice Pieces. You can play with or without a backing track or accompaniment.

AMEB is proud to continue its partnership with RSL to deliver Rockschool exams in Australia. Based in the UK, Rockschool specialises in music of the most popular genres in a range of contemporary styles. Its qualifications are recognised globally with tens of thousands of exams conducted in the UK and over 40 countries around the world.

Rockschool Grade Exam

The Rockschool Grade Exam syllabus provides a framework for the progressive development of a wide range of musical and technical skills, over a series of grades and diplomas from beginner to expert level.
Technical, aural and sight-reading skills are acquired in a sequential way. Performance pieces are focused on the most popular contemporary genres and selected by experts to suit the needs of students at their particular stage of development.

A Rockschool Grade exam (from Debut to Grade 8) typically includes:
• 3 Performance Pieces – two of which may be Free Choice pieces
• Technical Exercises
• Sight-reading, Improvisation & Interpretation (Debut to Grade 5) or Quick Study Pieces (Grades 6 to 8)
• Ear Tests
• General Musicianship questions

Rockschool Performance Certificates

The candidate plays five pieces; there are no Technical Exercises, Ear Tests, Sight-reading or General Musicianship requirements in a Performance Certificate exam.

A Performance Certificate exam includes:
• 5 Performance Pieces (Debut to Grade 8) – three of which may be Free Choice pieces

Examination requirements

It is essential that teachers and candidates consult the current year’s syllabus for details of examination requirements. Rockschool Syllabuses are available as a digital (PDF) file free-of-charge from the Rockschool Australia website:

Support Materials

A range of publications to support Rockschool teaching and learning are listed on the AMEB Victoria website and may be purchased from AMEB Connect.

Exam tips can be accessed from the Rockschool Australia website:


Due to new regulatory requirements by Rockschool’s certification body in the UK, Ofqual, all Rockschool reports will now be moderated in the UK before being released. This will result in a longer wait for both results and certificates.

Enrolling for examinations

Rockschool Grade Exams and Performance Certificates are offered in two Special Subject Sessions. <Click here for exam dates>

Enrolments are received via our online service centre AMEB Connect (Victoria).

Popular Music Theory and Music Production Exams are administered by the AMEB Federal Office. For further information go to:

Rockschool is a vibrant, contemporary music program of exams and qualifications for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano, ukulele, bands, popular music theory and music production.

Acoustic Guitar


Rockschool Acoustic Guitar Grade Books (Debut – Grade 8) (2019+)

Acoustic Guitar Subjects Numbers and Fees 2024
8434Grade Exam Debut $130.00
8435Grade Exam Grade 1$170.00
8436Grade Exam Grade 2$175.00
8437Grade Exam Grade 3$187.00
8438Grade Exam Grade 4$203.00
8439Grade Exam Grade 5$215.00
8440Grade Exam Grade 6$231.00
8441Grade Exam Grade 7$243.00
8442Grade Exam Grade 8$254.00
8443Performance Certificate Debut$130.00
8444Performance Certificate Grade 1$170.00
8445Performance Certificate Grade 2$175.00
8446Performance Certificate Grade 3$187.00
8447Performance Certificate Grade 4$203.00
8448Performance Certificate Grade 5$215.00
8449Performance Certificate Grade 6 $231.00
8450Performance Certificate Grade 7$243.00
8451Performance Certificate Grade 8$254.00



Rockschool Bass Grade Books and Online Audio (Debut – Grade 8) (2018 to 2024)
Rockschool Let’s Rock Start Playing Now (Bass, Drums, Guitar)

Bass Subject Numbers and Fees 2024
8201Let's Rock Premiere$108.00
8020Grade Exam Debut$130.00
8021Grade Exam Grade 1$170.00
8022Grade Exam Grade 2$175.00
8023Grade Exam Grade 3$187.00
8024Grade Exam Grade 4$203.00
8025Grade Exam Grade 5$215.00
8026Grade Exam Grade 6$231.00
8027Grade Exam Grade 7$243.00
8028Grade Exam Grade 8$254.00
8030Performance Certificate Debut$130.00
8031Performance Certificate Grade 1$170.00
8032Performance Certificate Grade 2$175.00
8033Performance Certificate Grade 3$187.00
8034Performance Certificate Grade 4$203.00
8035Performance Certificate Grade 5$215.00
8036Performance Certificate Grade 6$231.00
8037Performance Certificate Grade 7$243.00
8038Performance Certificate Grade 8$254.00



Rockschool Drums Grade Books and Online Audio (Debut – Grade 8) (2018 to 2024)
Rockschool Classics Drums Grade Books (Grades 1 – 8)
Rockschool Hot Rock Drums Grade Books (Grades 1 – 5) (2014)
Rockschool Let’s Rock Start Playing Now (Bass, Drums, Guitar)

Drums Subject Numbers and Fees 2024
8202Let's Rock Premiere$108.00
8040Grade Exam Debut$130.00
8041Grade Exam Grade 1$170.00
8042Grade Exam Grade 2$175.00
8043Grade Exam Grade 3$187.00
8044Grade Exam Grade 4$203.00
8045Grade Exam Grade 5$215.00
8046Grade Exam Grade 6$231.00
8047Grade Exam Grade 7$243.00
8048Grade Exam Grade 8$254.00
8050Performance Certificate Debut$130.00
8051Performance Certificate Grade 1$170.00
8052Performance Certificate Grade 2$175.00
8053Performance Certificate Grade 3$187.00
8054Performance Certificate Grade 4$203.00
8055Performance Certificate Grade 5$215.00
8056Performance Certificate Grade 6$231.00
8057Performance Certificate Grade 7$243.00
8058Performance Certificate Grade 8$254.00



Rockschool Guitar Grade Books and Online Audio (Debut – Grade 8) (2018 to 2024)
Rockschool Classics Guitar Grade Books (Grades 1 – 8)
Rockschool Hot Rock Guitar Grade Books (Grades 1 – 5) (2014)
Rockschool Let’s Rock Start Playing Now (Bass, Drums, Guitar)

Guitar Subject Numbers and Fees 2024
8200Let's Rock Premiere$108.00
8000Grade Exam Debut$130.00
8001Grade Exam Grade 1$170.00
8002Grade Exam Grade 2$175.00
8003Grade Exam Grade 3$187.00
8004Grade Exam Grade 4$203.00
8005Grade Exam Grade 5$215.00
8006Grade Exam Grade 6$231.00
8007Grade Exam Grade 7$243.00
8008Grade Exam Grade 8$254.00
8010Performance Certificate Debut$130.00
8011Performance Certificate Grade 1$170.00
8012Performance Certificate Grade 2$175.00
8013Performance Certificate Grade 3$187.00
8014Performance Certificate Grade 4$203.00
8015Performance Certificate Grade 5$215.00
8016Performance Certificate Grade 6$231.00
8017Performance Certificate Grade 7$243.00
8018Performance Certificate Grade 8$254.00



Rockschool Keys Grade Books (Grade 1 – Grade 8)(2019+)

Rockschool Keys Subject Numbers and Fees 2024
8720Grade Exam Debut $130.00
8721Grade Exam Grade 1$170.00
8722Grade Exam Grade 2 $175.00
8723Grade Exam Grade 3$187.00
8724Grade Exam Grade 4$203.00
8725Grade Exam Grade 5$215.00
8726Grade Exam Grade 6$231.00
8727Grade Exam Grade 7$243.00
8728Grade Exam Grade 8$254.00
8730Performance Certificate Debut$130.00
8731Performance Certificate Grade 1$170.00
8732Performance Certificate Grade 2 $175.00
8733Performance Certificate Grade 3 $187.00
8734Performance Certificate Grade 4 $203.00
8735Performance Certificate Grade 5$215.00
8736Performance Certificate Grade 6$231.00
8737Performance Certificate Grade 7 $243.00
8738Performance Certificate Grade 8 $254.00


Rockschool Piano


Rockschool Piano 2019+ Grade Books (Grade 1 – Grade 8)

Rockschool Piano Subject Numbers and Fees 2024
8700Grade Exam Debut$130.00
8701Grade Exam Grade 1$170.00
8702Grade Exam Grade 2$175.00
8703Grade Exam Grade 3$187.00
8704Grade Exam Grade 4$203.00
8705Grade Exam Grade 5$215.00
8706Grade Exam Grade 6$231.00
8707Grade Exam Grade 7$243.00
8708Grade Exam Grade 8$254.00
8710Performance Certificate Debut$130.00
8711Performance Certificate Grade 1$170.00
8712Performance Certificate Grade 2$175.00
8713Performance Certificate Grade 3$187.00
8714Performance Certificate Grade 4$203.00
8715Performance Certificate Grade 5$215.00
8716Performance Certificate Grade 6$231.00
8717Performance Certificate Grade 7$243.00
8718Performance Certificate Grade 8$254.00



Rockschool Ukulele 2020+ Grade Books (Debut – Grade 8)

Ukulele Subjects Numbers and Fees 2024
8470Grade Exam Debut$130.00
8471Grade Exam Grade 1$170.00
8472Grade Exam Grade 2$175.00
8473Grade Exam Grade 3$187.00
8474Grade Exam Grade 4$203.00
8475Grade Exam Grade 5$215.00
8476Grade Exam Grade 6$231.00
8477Grade Exam Grade 7$243.00
8478Grade Exam Grade 8$254.00
8480Performance Certificate Debut$130.00
8481Performance Certificate Grade 1$170.00
8482Performance Certificate Grade 2$175.00
8483Performance Certificate Grade 3$187.00
8484Performance Certificate Grade 4$203.00
8485Performance Certificate Grade 5$215.00
8486Performance Certificate Grade 6$231.00
8487Performance Certificate Grade 7$243.00
8488Performance Certificate Grade 8$254.00


The Rockschool Vocals syllabus was updated in July 2022. From the start of 2023 the ‘old’ Vocals syllabus will no longer be available for examination.


Rockschool Vocals (2021) Grade Books (Debut – Grade 8)

Vocals Subject Numbers and Fees 2024
8520Grade Exam Debut$130.00
8521Grade Exam Grade 1$170.00
8522Grade Exam Grade 2$175.00
8523Grade Exam Grade 3$187.00
8524Grade Exam Grade 4$203.00
8525Grade Exam Grade 5$215.00
8526Grade Exam Grade 6$231.00
8527Grade Exam Grade 7$243.00
8528Grade Exam Grade 8$254.00
8530Performance Certificate Debut$130.00
8531Performance Certificate Grade 1$170.00
8532Performance Certificate Grade 2$175.00
8533Performance Certificate Grade 3$187.00
8534Performance Certificate Grade 4$203.00
8535Performance Certificate Grade 5$215.00
8536Performance Certificate Grade 6$231.00
8537Performance Certificate Grade 7$243.00
8538Performance Certificate Grade 8$254.00

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.