Additional Requirements

For all Practical examinations Grade 6 and above (except Piano for Leisure, Saxophone for Leisure and Singing for Leisure) there is an additional requirement to pass a specific grade in either Theory of Music, Musicianship or Music Craft. The additional requirement does not need to be completed before the principal examination, but, until both the principal examination and the additional requirement are passed, the examination is incomplete, and no certificate will be awarded. For more information about additional requirements, please see Regulation No. 19 of the current Manual of Syllabuses.

Certificates – completion of additional requirements

A candidate who has previously completed a Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Certificate of Performance, Associate Diploma or Licentiate Diploma Practical examination should notify AMEB Victoria upon completion of the Additional Requirement. Certificates for Grade examinations will then be released. Diploma certificates will be awarded at the next Conferring of Diplomas Ceremony.


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