New Viola Syllabus and publications

Viola teachers’ workshop on 25 February

Viola teachers are invited to register for an online workshop with Principal Consultant, Helen Tuckey on 25 February. Helen will introduce the new Grade Books (Preliminary to Grade 4) and provide an overview of the new Technical Work.

Viola teachers’ workshop
When: Sunday 25 February 2024, 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Where: Online via Zoom
Click here to register

A new Viola syllabus is available for examination in 2024

AMEB’s new Viola syllabus reflects current international best practice in viola pedagogy. It seeks to enhance and inspire viola students’ growth and development, and more-closely aligns with the AMEB Violin syllabus. Featured repertoire introduces students to a diversity of styles and techniques. The new syllabus and associated publications have been compiled by a group of acclaimed violists and teachers: Janet Fernandes, Raquel Bastos, and Roger Benedict, led by AMEB Principal Consultant Helen Tuckey.

• The new Viola Level 1 technical work, sight-reading and repertoire are now closely aligned with the Violin Level 1 syllabus. This helps students who might move between instruments in the early stages of learning, and supports a consistent experience for teachers and examiners across the two syllabuses.
• The new syllabus lists and the Viola Series 2 grade books encourage study of a variety of styles as Manual Lists are now structured according to historical period.
• A Certificate of Performance examination has been introduced after Grade 8, serving as a culmination of Level 2 studies and supporting preparation for the Associate Diploma examination.

New Viola syllabus resources

Users of the new syllabus will be able to source repertoire from Viola Series 1, Viola Series 2, and/or the new Manual Lists.

Technical work is set out in the new publication: Viola Technical work (2023). Viola Technical work (2007) may not be used with the new syllabus. This book may only be used with the Viola syllabus that last appeared in the 2023 Manual of Syllabuses.

The following publications are now available for purchase on AMEB Connect at discounted prices.

Viola Series 2 grade books (Preliminary to Grade 4) (2023)
Viola Technical work (2023)
Viola Sight-reading (2023)

Repertoire lists for the new Viola Series 2 grade books may be viewed here >

Alternative syllabuses in 2023 and 2024

The new Viola syllabus will be examined concurrently with the version of the Viola syllabus that last appeared in the 2023 Manual of syllabuses for two years after the release of the new syllabus. From the start of 2026 the previous Violin syllabus will no longer be available for examination.

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