Grades 5 and 6 theory examinations

Although AMEB’s online theory examinations have been embraced by a large proportion of teachers and students, we recognise that some students prefer to work with pencil and paper.

In 2024, paper-based examinations in Theory of Music Grades 5 & 6 and Theory of Music Diplomas will be offered at the AMEB Studios in Hawthorn on Wednesday 11 September. AMEB Connect will be open to enrolments from 27 May until 27 June. Additionally, Music Craft Grades 5 and 6 will be examined on the same day.

Paper-based Theory of Music exams ‘on application’

A school or private studio with ten or more candidates may apply to host paper-based Theory of Music examinations at any convenient time from March through to November. A group may comprise candidates undertaking any Theory of Music grade or diploma examination at the same time and place.
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