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Subject choices

Candidates can select from three music theory syllabuses: Theory of Music, Music Craft and Musicianship. Music Craft includes an aural component throughout the syllabus while Musicianship includes an aural component from Fourth Grade onwards. Theory of Music does not include an aural component.

Examination requirements

It is essential that teachers and candidates consult the current year’s syllabus for details of AMEB examination requirements and note the applicable regulations, which are amended from time to time. The Manual of Syllabuses (Music Syllabuses) is available for purchase in the traditional hard copy format or as a digital file (PDF); and digital syllabuses are available for individual instruments and instrument families. < Read more about purchasing syllabuses >

Enrolling for examinations

Grade examinations in Theory of Music, Musicianship and Music Craft (except Grades 5 and 6) are available online and may be taken at any time within twelve months of enrolment. Enrolments for individual or ‘class’ online exams may be made via AMEB Connect (Victoria).

Paper-based grade examinations will be available only for Theory of Music (all grades) and Music Craft Grades 5 and 6. See Theory of Music and Music Craft sections below.

Written and Aural Diploma exams on application

Musicianship and Theory of Music Diploma exams are available on application. Candidates will be responsible for arranging the venue and suitable supervision.

Online Written Exams

Once an exam is purchased, the candidate will be issued with an Exam Key and Exam PIN, unique codes which, together, give access to practice and official exams. Please note that the Exam Key expires twelve months after purchase. An extension of 30 days may be purchased in the ‘My Candidates’ section of the enroller’s AMEB Connect account. (Class exams cannot be extended.)

Theory of Music

Examination options

Theory of Music exams from Grade 1 to Grade 4 are available online only.

In 2024, paper-based examinations in Theory of Music Grades 5 & 6 and Theory of Music Diplomas will be offered at the AMEB Studios in Hawthorn on Wednesday 11 September. AMEB Connect will be open to enrolments from 27 May until 27 June.

A school or private studio with ten or more candidates may apply to host paper-based Theory of Music examinations at any convenient time from March through to November. A group may comprise candidates undertaking any Theory of Music grade or diploma examination at the same time and place. Studio teachers may wish to collaborate to arrange a group of acceptable size. Applications will need to be lodged with AMEB Victoria at least six weeks before the proposed examination date, to enable unique exam question papers to be prepared and printed. Read more about paper-based examinations >

Theory of Music Resources

Theory of Music integrated course and workbook (Grade 1 – Grade 5)
Analytical Notes (Grades 5 and 6)

Theory of Music Subject Numbers and Fees 2024
Online Paper-based
3001Grade 1$85.00
3002Grade 2$88.00
3003Grade 3$93.00
3004Grade 4$99.00
300505Grade 5$105.00
300606Grade 6$110.00
Associate - Musicology**$198.00
Associate - Harmony & Counterpoint**$198.00
Associate - Orchestration & Arrangement**$198.00
Licentiate - Musicology**$241.00
Licentiate - Harmony & Counterpoint**$241.00
Licentiate - Orchestration & Arrangement**$241.00
** Theory of Music diploma examinations available on application.


Set Works for Grades 5 and 6

Musicianship Grade exams are available only in the online format. Set Works for Musicianship Grades 5 and 6 were introduced in 2020.

Candidates should be prepared to answer questions on ALL Set Works in the exam. A digital publication, Musicianship Analytical notes will be available to assist candidates preparing for this section of the exam.

Musicianship Subject Numbers and Fees 2024
3021Grade 1$85.00
3022Grade 2$88.00
3023Grade 3$93.00
3024Grade 4$103.00
3025Grade 5$108.00
3026Grade 6$111.00
Associate – Aural**$198.00
Associate – Written**$198.00
Licentiate – Aural **$241.00
Licentiate – Written**$241.00
** Musicianship diploma examinations available on application.

Music Craft

Examination options

Music Craft exams from Preliminary to Grade 4 are only available online. Music Craft Grades 5 and 6 will continue to be available in the traditional paper-based format, please contact us to enquire about the application process. Written and aural components of Music Craft Grade 5 and Grade 6 will be examined on a set date in August.

Music Craft Resources

Music Craft Student Workbook Book A (Preliminary – Grade 4)
Music Craft Student Workbook Book B (Preliminary – Grade 4)
Music Craft Teacher’s Guide Book A (Preliminary – Grade 4)
Music Craft Teacher’s Guide Book B (Preliminary – Grade 4)
Music Craft Essential Exercises Grade 5
Music Craft Essential Exercises Grade 6

Music Craft Subject Numbers and Fees 2024
Online Paper-based
4541Grade 1$88.00
4542Grade 2$93.00
4543Grade 3$103.00
4544Grade 4$108.00
1545Grade 5$116.00
1546Grade 6$119.00

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Accessing online exams

For the convenience of Victorian teachers and students, enrolments for online Written examinations are made through AMEB Connect. Once an exam is purchased, the enrolling person will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment by email which will contain an Exam Key and Exam PIN for each online theory candidate. These details provide access to each candidate’s theory examination on the SCORE website. Please note the Exam Key expires twelve months after purchase.

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