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The Comprehensive Exam

The traditional Comprehensive syllabus provides a framework for the progressive development of a wide range of musical and technical skills, over a series of grades and diplomas from beginner to expert level. Technical, aural and sight-reading skills are acquired in a sequential way; and students gain a theoretical understanding of the works being studied and their historical context. Repertoire is carefully selected by experts to suit the needs of students at their particular stage of development; and to promote growth in musical understanding and artistry in performance.

The Repertoire Exam

The Repertoire exam might suit students whose program for developing technical, aural or sight-reading skills does not align with the requirements of a particular Grade in the AMEB Comprehensive syllabus. Candidates can present for an AMEB assessment with only repertoire performance requirements, using works selected from the AMEB Lists for the Grade along with an Own Choice option. There are no Technical Work, Aural Test, Sight-reading or General Knowledge requirements for a Repertoire exam.

In 2024, students have the option of recording their Repertoire exam performance and submitting a video for assessment at any time between 1 April and 30 November (enrolments close 19 September).

To enrol for a Video Repertoire examination on AMEB Connect: 1) select Series 60 Video Examinations; 2) Select the Syllabus and Grade. Each Video Repertoire exam subject code is prefixed by the letter ‘V’ to indicate an examination via video submission.

The requirements of a video Repertoire exam are the same as the requirements for a face-to-face Repertoire exam, as published in the current year’s syllabus.

Read more about recording a video exam performance, video exam enrolment and video submission.

Associate and Licentiate practical examinations

New guidelines regarding General Knowledge and Repeats for Level 3 (Associate and Licentiate) diploma exams were introduced in 2019. Refer to General Requirements and Level 3, Associate and Licentiate descriptions in the syllabus for further details. Read important information for Associate and Licentiate candidates >

Examination requirements

It is essential that teachers and candidates consult the current year’s syllabus for details of AMEB examination requirements and note the applicable regulations, which are amended from time to time. The Manual of Syllabuses (Music Syllabuses) is available for purchase in the traditional hard copy format or as a digital file (PDF); and digital syllabuses are available for individual instruments and instrument families. Read more about purchasing syllabuses >

Performance Evaluation by video or face-to-face

For students whose learning program does not suit an AMEB Comprehensive or Repertoire examination, AMEB Victoria offers a Performance Evaluation Program. The content of the Evaluation is customised to the needs of the student at the time. In-person Performance Evaluations are available in durations of 10, 20 and 30 minutes and are usually scheduled alongside AMEB Comprehensive and Repertoire examinations.

Students now have the option of recording their performance and submitting a video for evaluation at any time between 1 April and 30 November. Enrollers select Series 60 – Video Exams and enter the candidate for a 10-minute, 20-minute or 30-minute Performance Evaluation (Video), as required. Read more about Performance Evaluation >

Teacher Consultation

A teacher may register for a 30-minute personal consultation with an AMEB Examiner. Find out more about Teacher Consultation >

Support Materials

AMEB produces a range of publications to support teaching and learning in most instruments (as listed below). Supplementary materials are available to support the development of aural skills, theoretical knowledge, etc. Click to read more about general publications >

Enrolling for face-to-face examinations, evaluations and consultations

Examinations, evaluations and teacher consultations for Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and Classical Guitar are offered in five Metropolitan Practical Sessions and two Regional Practical Sessions. Examinations for Harp are available in two Special Subject Sessions.

Diploma examinations are held at the AMEB Studios in Hawthorn: Associate examinations are available in each of the five Metropolitan Practical Sessions; Licentiate examinations are offered in late-June and late-September. Click here for enrolment dates >

AMEB examinations and evaluations in Strings are conducted by examiners who are specialists in their field: Violin-Viola, Cello-Double Bass, Classical Guitar or Harp.


The old Violin syllabus was withdrawn at the end of 2023 and is no longer available for examination.

Violin syllabus resources

Violin Series 10 grade books (Preliminary to Grade 7) (2021)
Violin Series 10
handbooks (digital and hardcopy versions) (Preliminary to Grade 7) (2021)
Violin Series 10
Recorded accompaniments (Preliminary to Grade 3) (2021)
Violin Technical work
Violin Sight-reading
Violin Series 9 Grade Books (Preliminary – Seventh Grade)
Violin Series 9 CDs and Handbooks (Preliminary – Seventh Grade)
Violin Series 9 Recorded Accompaniments (Preliminary – Grade 3) (2015)

New (2023) Violin Subject Numbers and Fees 2023
2001Teacher Consultation$70.00
11510Performance Evaluation 10min$42.00
11520Performance Evaluation 20min$85.00
11530Performance Evaluation 30min$127.00
11545Performance Evaluation (Video) 20min$85.00
11550Performance Evaluation (Video) 30min$127.00
5210Comprehensive Preliminary (2023)$94.00
5211Comprehensive Grade 1 (2023)$102.00
5212Comprehensive Grade 2 (2023)$108.00
5213Comprehensive Grade 3 (2023)$120.00
5214Comprehensive Grade 4 (2023)$128.00
5215Comprehensive Grade 5 (2023)$136.00
5216Comprehensive Grade 6 (2023)$154.00
5217Comprehensive Grade 7 (2023)$182.00
5218Comprehensive Grade 8 (2023)$210.00
6310Repertoire Preliminary (2023)$94.00
6311Repertoire Grade 1 (2023)$102.00
6312Repertoire Grade 2 (2023)$108.00
6313Repertoire Grade 3 (2023)$120.00
6314Repertoire Grade 4 (2023)$128.00
6315Repertoire Grade 5 (2023)$136.00
6316Repertoire Grade 6 (2023)$154.00
6317Repertoire Grade 7 (2023)$182.00
6318Repertoire Grade 8 (2023)$210.00
5219Certificate of Performance (2023)$234.00
5220Associate in Music (2023)$370.00
5221Licentiate in Music (2023)$477.00

New Viola syllabus

A new Viola syllabus is available for examination in 2024

AMEB’s new Viola syllabus reflects current international best practice in viola pedagogy. It seeks to enhance and inspire viola students’ growth and development, and more-closely aligns with the AMEB Violin syllabus.

The new Viola syllabus is supported by new publications, including: Viola Technical work (2023), Viola Series 2 repertoire books (Preliminary to Grade 4) and Viola Sight-reading (2023).

• The new Viola Level 1 technical work, sight-reading and repertoire are now closely aligned with the Violin Level 1 syllabus, supporting a more consistent experience for students, teachers and examiners across the two syllabuses.
• The new syllabus lists and the Viola Series 2 grade books encourage study of a variety of styles as Manual Lists are now structured according to historical period.
• A Certificate of Performance examination has been introduced after Grade 8, serving as a culmination of Level 2 studies and supporting preparation for the Associate Diploma examination.

New Viola syllabus resources

Users of the new syllabus will be able to source repertoire from Viola Series 1, Viola Series 2, and/or the new Manual Lists.

Technical work is set out in the new publication: Viola Technical work (2023). Viola Technical work (2007) may not be used with the new syllabus. This book may only be used with the Viola syllabus that last appeared in the 2023 Manual of Syllabuses.

The following publications are now available for purchase on AMEB Connect at discount prices.

Viola Series 2 grade books (Preliminary to Grade 4) (2023)
Viola Technical work (2023)
Viola Sight-reading (2023)

Repertoire lists for the new Viola Series 2 grade books may be viewed here >

Examination entries: Note that it is not acceptable to present for examination with a mix of new (2024) and old (2023) syllabuses.

Old (2023) Viola syllabus

Notice of withdrawal

The new (2024) Viola syllabus will be examined concurrently with the version of the Viola syllabus that last appeared in the 2023 Manual of syllabuses for two years after the release of the new syllabus. From the start of 2026 the previous Viola syllabus will no longer be available for examination.

Examination entries: To enter for examination in the old syllabus last published in the 2023 Manual of syllabuses, select the Viola (2023) syllabus in AMEB Connect. Note that it is not acceptable to present for examination with a mix of new (2024) and old (2023) syllabuses.


Viola Series 1 Grade Books (Preliminary – Sixth Grade)
Viola Technical Work Book (2007)

Viola Subject Numbers and Fees 2023
***Teacher Consultation$70.00
***Performance Evaluation 10min$42.00
***Performance Evaluation 20min$85.00
***Performance Evaluation 30min$127.00
***Perf. Evaluation (Video) 20min$85.00
***Perf. Evaluation (Video) 30min$127.00
1860Comprehensive Preliminary$94.00
1861Comprehensive Grade 1 $102.00
1862Comprehensive Grade 2$108.00
1863Comprehensive Grade 3$120.00
1864Comprehensive Grade 4$128.00
1865Comprehensive Grade 5$136.00
1866Comprehensive Grade 6$154.00
1867Comprehensive Grade 7$182.00
1868Comprehensive Grade 8$210.00
6030Repertoire Preliminary$94.00
6031Repertoire Grade 1$102.00
6032Repertoire Grade 2$108.00
6033Repertoire Grade 3$120.00
6034Repertoire Grade 4$128.00
6035Repertoire Grade 5$136.00
6036Repertoire Grade 6$154.00
6037Repertoire Grade 7$182.00
6038Repertoire Grade 8$210.00
1869Associate in Music$370.00
1870Licentiate in Music$477.00
*** Contact AMEB Victoria to obtain a subject number before enrolling.



Cello Series 2 Grade Books (Preliminary – Grade 6)
Cello Technical Work Book (2009)
Cello Series 2 Recorded Accompaniments (Preliminary – Grade 3)

Cello Subject Numbers and Fees 2023
2002Teacher Consultation$70.00
11610Performance Evaluation 10min$42.00
11620Performance Evaluation 20min$85.00
11630Performance Evaluation 30min$127.00
11645Performance Evaluation (Video) 20min$85.00
11650Performance Evaluation (Video) 30min$127.00
1980Comprehensive Preliminary$94.00
1981Comprehensive Grade 1 $102.00
1982Comprehensive Grade 2$108.00
1983Comprehensive Grade 3$120.00
1984Comprehensive Grade 4$128.00
1985Comprehensive Grade 5$136.00
1986Comprehensive Grade 6$154.00
1987Comprehensive Grade 7$182.00
1988Comprehensive Grade 8$210.00
6040Repertoire Preliminary$94.00
6041Repertoire Grade 1$102.00
6042Repertoire Grade 2$108.00
6043Repertoire Grade 3$120.00
6044Repertoire Grade 4$128.00
6045Repertoire Grade 5$136.00
6046Repertoire Grade 6$154.00
6047Repertoire Grade 7$182.00
6048Repertoire Grade 8$210.00
1989Certificate of Performance$234.00
1990Associate in Music$370.00
1991Licentiate in Music$477.00
*** Contact AMEB Victoria to obtain a subject number before enrolling.

Double Bass


Double Bass Series 1 Grade Books (Preliminary – Grade 4)
Double Bass Technical Work (2013)

Double Bass Subject Numbers and Fees 2023
***Teacher Consultation$70.00
***Performance Evaluation 10min$42.00
***Performance Evaluation 20min$85.00
***Performance Evaluation 30min$127.00
***Perf. Evaluation (Video) 20min$85.00
***Perf. Evaluation (Video) 30min$127.00
4050Comprehensive Preliminary$94.00
4051Comprehensive Grade 1 $102.00
4052Comprehensive Grade 2$108.00
4053Comprehensive Grade 3$120.00
4054Comprehensive Grade 4$128.00
4055Comprehensive Grade 5$136.00
4056Comprehensive Grade 6$154.00
4057Comprehensive Grade 7$182.00
4058Comprehensive Grade 8$210.00
6050Repertoire Preliminary$94.00
6051Repertoire Grade 1$102.00
6052Repertoire Grade 2$108.00
6053Repertoire Grade 3$120.00
6054Repertoire Grade 4$128.00
6055Repertoire Grade 5$136.00
6056Repertoire Grade 6$154.00
6057Repertoire Grade 7$182.00
6058Repertoire Grade 8$210.00
4059Certificate of Performance$234.00
4060Associate in Music$370.00
4061Licentiate in Music$477.00
*** Contact AMEB Victoria to obtain a subject number before enrolling.

Classical Guitar


Classical Guitar Series 2 Grade Books (Preliminary – Sixth Grade)
Guitar Series 1 Grade Books (Preliminary – Fourth Grade)
Classical Guitar Technical Work (2011)
Classical Guitar Sight-Reading (2011)

Classical Guitar Subject Numbers and Fees 2023
2007Teacher Consultation$70.00
11810Performance Evaluation 10min$42.00
11820Performance Evaluation 20min$85.00
11830Performance Evaluation 30min$127.00
11845Perf. Evaluation (Video) 20min$85.00
11850Perf. Evaluation (Video) 30min$127.00
4070Comprehensive Preliminary$94.00
4071Comprehensive Grade 1 $102.00
4072Comprehensive Grade 2$108.00
4073Comprehensive Grade 3$120.00
4074Comprehensive Grade 4$128.00
4075Comprehensive Grade 5$136.00
4076Comprehensive Grade 6$154.00
4077Comprehensive Grade 7$182.00
4078Comprehensive Grade 8$210.00
6060Repertoire Preliminary$94.00
6061Repertoire Grade 1$102.00
6062Repertoire Grade 2$108.00
6063Repertoire Grade 3$120.00
6064Repertoire Grade 4$128.00
6065Repertoire Grade 5$136.00
6066Repertoire Grade 6$154.00
6067Repertoire Grade 7$182.00
6068Repertoire Grade 8$210.00
4079Certificate of Performance$234.00
4080Associate in Music$370.00
4081Licentiate in Music$477.00


The old Harp syllabus was withdrawn at the start of 2023 and is no longer available for examination.


Harp Series 1 Grade books (Preliminary to Grade 4) (2020)
Harp Technical work Level 1 (Preliminary to Grade 4) (2020)
Harp Technical work Level 2 (Grade 5 to Grade 8) (2020)
Harp Sight-reading (2020)

Harp Subject Numbers and Fees 2023
5100Comprehensive Preliminary $94.00
5101Comprehensive Grade 1 $102.00
5102Comprehensive Grade 2$108.00
5103Comprehensive Grade 3$120.00
5104Comprehensive Grade 4$128.00
5105Comprehensive Grade 5 (Pedal)$136.00
5115Comprehensive Grade 5 (Lever)$136.00
5106Comprehensive Grade 6 (Pedal)$154.00
5116Comprehensive Grade 6 (Lever)$154.00
5107Comprehensive Grade 7 (Pedal)$182.00
5117Comprehensive Grade 7 (Lever)$182.00
5108Comprehensive Grade 8 (Pedal)$210.00
5118Comprehensive Grade 8 (Lever)$210.00
5109Certificate of Performance (Pedal)$234.00
5119Certificate of Performance (Lever)$234.00
6290Repertoire Preliminary$94.00
6291Repertoire Grade 1$102.00
6292Repertoire Grade 2$108.00
6293Repertoire Grade 3$120.00
6294Repertoire Grade 4$128.00
6295Repertoire Grade 5 (Pedal)$136.00
6305Harp Repertoire Grade 5 (Lever)$136.00
6296Repertoire Grade 6 (Pedal)$154.00
6306Harp Repertoire Grade 6 (Lever)$154.00
6297Repertoire Grade 7 (Pedal)$182.00
6307Harp Repertoire Grade 7 (Lever)$182.00
6298Repertoire Grade 8 (Pedal)$210.00
6308Harp Repertoire Grade 8 (Lever)$210.00
5110Associate in Music (2021)$370.00
5111Licentiate in Music (2021)$477.00

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.