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AMEB Flute Series 4 grade books Preliminary to Grade 4 are available for examination in 2023. The works featured in Flute Series 4 have been added to the current Flute syllabus. (No works have been removed).

Repertoire for each grade have been researched and selected by the grade book consultant, acclaimed Australian flautist and educator Jocelyn Fazzone. Accessible and diverse pieces are available in each grade book to introduce students to various skills, techniques and musical styles.

AMEB Flute Teachers’ Workshop

An online workshop was presented by the Series 4 consultant, Jocelyn Fazzone on 26 February 2023. In the workshop, Jocelyn explored the repertoire contained in each of the grade books and outlined the benefits and technical advantages of each piece in Flute Series 2. A video of the workshop is available to watch online here.

Flute Series 4 publications

Flute Series 4 grade books (Preliminary to Grade 4)

  • Logical developmental progression.
  • Alignment of technical skills with Syllabus Requirements.
  • Works by Australian composers and arrangers are featured in each book.
  • Styles include renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, freestyle swing, blues, Latin Jazz, ragtime, rock and folk.
  • Character pieces with descriptive titles are included.
  • Specific focus on effective tempo markings and breath placements to support student learning.

Grade book contents


List A
BRUNSDON, J. Kambhoji sings
DAQUIN, L.-C. arr. FAZZONE. Rigaudon Premiere suite from Premier livre de pièces de clavecin
EDWARDS, R. Melting icecream
MOWER, M. Straight to the point
TRADITIONAL arr. FAZZONE. Working on the railway

List B
MOZART, W.A. arr. GILHAM. Can you dance? from Le nozze di Figaro K. 492
PRAETORIUS, M. arr. ROSS. Bransle double from Terpsichore
RAVENSCROFT, T. arr. TAYLOR and HODGSON. The three ravens
SCHMITT, J. arr. BARRATT. Moderato SCHUBERT, F. arr.
WALTON. The trout 4th movement of Piano quintet in A major D.667

List C
BARTÓK, B. arr. HODGSON. Happy dance, sad song No 15 from Gyermekeknek Book 1
FISHER, T. Daybreak
TRADITIONAL arr. HOWELL. Jiangsu folk song
TRADITIONAL arr. PEARCE and GUNNING. Slovakian hoop dance
GORP, F. van. Let’s make peace

Grade 1

List A
DRAEGER, C. Theme from Melusina’s dream
GARIBOLDI, X. arr. FAZZONE. Study No 22 from First exercises for flute Op. 89
GRAY, Mr. arr. FAZZONE. Edinburgh races
HAYDN, F. arr. FAZZONE. Theme from 4th movement of Symphony No 92 Hob I:92
KEMBER, J. and RAMSDEN, C. Con brio No 17 from Flute sight reading 2

List B
BRACKET, J. arr. HODGSON. Simple gifts
CALL, L. von. arr. O’REILLY. Trio
HAYDN, J. arr. HOWELL. Presto from Werke für das Laufwerk Hob. XIX:24
MONZANI, T. arr. NICOLSON. French air Studio 1 from Op. 19
RAMEAU, J.-P. arr. ROSS. Tambourin from Pièces de clavecin

List C
COWDREY, P. Spanish lullaby
HAUGHTON, A. Insects J
OPLIN, S. arr. BLACKWELL. The easy winners
RAVEL, M. arr. HODGSON. Sleeping Beauty’s pavane from Ma mère l’oye
SHOSTAKOVICH, D. arr. GILHAM. March from Six pieces for children Op. 69 No 1

Grade 2

List A
ADAMS, S. Fluteloose on Friday
DORUS, L. arr. FAZZONE. Rondeau 3rd movement of Sonate No 3
DRAEGER, C. Latin style duet
GRAUPNER, G. Buonaparte’s grand march
MOWER, M. Waltzlet

List B
MOZART, W.A. arr. GILHAM. Des kleinen Friedrichs Geburtstag K. 529
RANISH, J.F. arr. ROSS. Minuet 4th movement of Sonata No 9 from Op. 2
SCHICKHARDT, J.C. arr. NICOLSON. Giga 4th movement of Sonata No 4 from Op. 23
TRADITIONAL arr. ADAMS. The plough boy
VANHAL, J.B. arr. IMBESCHEID. Allegretto 2nd movement of Sonata No 2

List C
BARTÓK, B. arr. DAVIES. Teasing song No 18 from Gyermekeknek Book 2
BIZET, G. arr. LANNING. Farandole from L’Arlésienne suite No 2 MORRIS, C. Dancing lorikeets
RAE, J. On the level
SCULTHORPE, P. Sea chant

Grade 3

List A
FIRTH, A. Greasy rag
GARIBOLDI, G. arr. FAZZONE. Study from 20 studies for flute Op. 132 No 3
KÖHLER, E. arr. FAZZONE. Allegretto from 20 Leichte und melodische Lektionen Op 93
QUANTZ, J.J. Caprice from Sonatensätze für flöte und Generalbaß QV 1:177
RAE, J. From another planet

List B
BARSANTI, F. arr. NICOLSON. Allegro 4th movement of Sonata No 3 from Op. 2
KUHLAU, F. arr. HODGSON. Allegretto 1st movement of Sonatina No 2 from Op. 55
MOZART, W.A. arr. GILHAM. The birdcatcher’s song from The magic flute K. 620
RUGE, F. arr. HOWELL. Tempo di minuetto 3rd movement from Sonata in G major
TELEMANN, G.P. arr. ROSS. Allegro 3rd movement of Sonata in F major from TWV41:F2

List C
BAILEY, K. Little brown feet
CHAMINADE, C. arr. FAZZONE. Air de ballet Op. 30
KULLAK, T. arr. HOWELL. Grandmother tells a ghost story No 3 from Kinderleben Op. 81
PROKOFIEV, S. arr. HODGSON. Gavotte 3rd movement from Symphony No 1 Op. 25
TAGGART, H. Gustav

Grade 4

List A
BULLARD, A. Stomping flute
DEVIENNE, F. Allegretto 1st movement of Duetto No 4 from Op. 75
DROUET, L. Study No 48 from 72 studies
KÖHLER, E. arr. HUNT. Allegretto
RAE, J. The cat on the corner

List B
BACH, J.C.F. arr. NICOLSON and WITTENBECHER. Scherzo 2nd movement from Quartet No 3 from Sei quartetti
HAYDN, J. arr. HOWELL. Allegro from Werke für das Laufwerk Hob. XIX:28
LOEILLET, J. arr. ROSS. Largo and Allegro 1st and 2nd movements from Op. 3 No 10
MOZART, W.A. arr. HODGSON. Menuetto and Trio 2nd movement from Flute quartet K. 298
SARTI, G. arr. NICOLSON. Giga 3rd movement from Flute sonata in G minor Op. 1 No 4

List C
DELIBES, L. Morceau de concours
KATS-CHERNIN, E. Chatterbox rag
POLDINI, E. Poupée valsante No 2 from Marionettes
SEIBER, M. Waltz and Mazurka 3rd and 4th movements from Dance suite
WEDGWOOD, P. Falling

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