Message from the General Manager

Welcome to AMEB Victoria’s website, in which you will find information about the wide range of services that we offer in support of music and speech education.

The Australian Music Examinations Board proudly celebrated 100 years of service to education on 15 May 2018. When welcoming guests to a reception in the State Drawing Room of Government House, the Governor of Victoria, Her Excellency, the Honourable Linda Dessau AC remarked: “…across that century, [the AMEB] has ignited and nurtured the passions of millions of young Victorians, and young people across the nation, to learn, to play and to listen to music. As in other parts of Australia, there is barely a street across Victoria that hasn’t heard scales or sonatas practised in anticipation of an AMEB examination.”

It is estimated that the AMEB has conducted more than seven million examinations for students at various stages of their musical journey. Tens of thousands of high achievers have been recognised by the award of the prestigious AMEB Associate, Licentiate or Fellowship diploma.

The AMEB continues to innovate to meet changing needs of students in music and speech. In 2019, the most significant development is the introduction of a repertoire-only examination in Practice of Music for most instruments. The traditional AMEB examination will become known as the ‘Comprehensive’ exam and candidates will be able to enrol in either the ‘Comprehensive’ or the ‘Repertoire’ exam for their chosen syllabus.

The benchmark AMEB Piano syllabus has been revised for 2019, featuring specially-composed exercises in the Technical Work section and offering a ‘Collaborative’ option in higher grades. Support for piano teaching and learning is provided by an impressive range of new publications, including a new set of grade books (Series 18), handbooks and recordings.

For students whose learning program does not suit an AMEB Comprehensive or Repertoire examination, AMEB Victoria offers a Performance Evaluation Program. The content of the Evaluation is determined by the teacher and customised to the needs of the student. As well as the in-person Evaluation, students now have the option of recording their performance and submitting a video for evaluation at any time from February to November.

AMEB is proud to continue its partnership with RSL (UK) to offer the range of Rockschool examinations. We would encourage students who wish to develop performance skills in contemporary popular music styles to consider the excellent Rockschool learning materials and establish a goal for their studies by enrolling for a Rockschool examination through AMEB Victoria.

The introduction of AMEB Victoria’s online service centre AMEB Connect has been well received. Candidates can be enrolled for AMEB Practical and Written exams (online and on-paper), Performance Evaluations, Teacher Consultations and Rockschool exams; and AMEB syllabuses (in hard copy and digital format), AMEB publications and Rockschool publications may be purchased via AMEB Connect.

We wish you every success with your teaching or studies, and we look forward to supporting your learning and recognising your achievement throughout 2019.

Alwyn Mott
General Manager
AMEB Victoria