Ensemble Performance

Brass ensemble
Mixed ensemble
Percussion ensemble
Strings ensemble
Woodwind ensemble

Examination requirements

It is essential that teachers and candidates consult the current year’s syllabus for details of AMEB examination requirements and note the applicable regulations, which are amended from time to time. The Manual of Syllabuses (Music Syllabuses) is available for purchase in the traditional hard copy format or as a digital file (PDF); and digital syllabuses are available for individual instruments and instrument families. <Read more about purchasing syllabuses>

Associate and Licentiate practical examinations

New guidelines regarding General Knowledge and Repeats for Level 3 (Associate and Licentiate) diploma exams apply from 2019. Refer to General Requirements and Level 3, Associate and Licentiate descriptions in the syllabus for further details. <Read important information for Level 3 candidates>

Enrolling for examinations

Examinations for Ensemble Performance are offered in five Metropolitan Practical Sessions and two Country Practical Sessions.

Diploma examinations are held at the AMEB Studios in Hawthorn: Associate examinations are available in each of the five Metropolitan Practical Sessions; Licentiate examinations are offered in late-June and late-September. <Click here for enrolment dates>

Ensemble Subject Numbers and Fees 2023
Brass ensemble
1301Grade 1$120.00
1302Grade 2$136.00
1303Grade 3$149.00
1304Grade 4$160.00
1305Grade 5$174.00
1306Grade 6$184.00
1307Grade 7$202.00
1308Grade 8$219.00
1309Associate in Music$370.00
1310Licentiate in Music$477.00
Mixed Ensemble
1311Grade 1$120.00
1312Grade 2$136.00
1313Grade 3$149.00
1314Grade 4$160.00
1315Grade 5$174.00
1316Grade 6$184.00
1317Grade 7$202.00
1318Grade 8$219.00
1319Associate in Music$370.00
1320Licentiate in Music$477.00
Percussion Ensemble
1321Grade 1$120.00
1322Grade 2$136.00
1323Grade 3$149.00
1324Grade 4$160.00
1325Grade 5$174.00
1326Grade 6$184.00
1327Grade 7$202.00
1328Grade 8$219.00
1329Associate in Music$370.00
1330Licentiate in Music$477.00
Strings Ensemble
1331Grade 1$120.00
1332Grade 2$136.00
1333Grade 3$149.00
1334Grade 4$160.00
1335Grade 5$174.00
1336Grade 6$184.00
1337Grade 7$202.00
1338Grade 8$219.00
1339Associate in Music$370.00
1340Licentiate in Music$477.00
Woodwind Ensemble
1341Grade 1$120.00
1342Grade 2$136.00
1343Grade 3$149.00
1344Grade 4$160.00
1345Grade 5$174.00
1346Grade 6$184.00
1347Grade 7$202.00
1348Grade 8$219.00
1349Associate in Music$370.00
1350Licentiate in Music$477.00

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.