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> Bassoon
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> Saxophone for Leisure

The Comprehensive Exam

The traditional Comprehensive syllabus provides a framework for the progressive development of a wide range of musical and technical skills, over a series of grades and diplomas from beginner to expert level. Technical, aural and sight-reading skills are acquired in a sequential way; and students gain a theoretical understanding of the works being studied and their historical context. Repertoire is carefully selected by experts to suit the needs of students at their particular stage of development; and to promote growth in musical understanding and artistry in performance.

The Repertoire Exam

The Repertoire exam might suit students whose program for developing technical, aural or sight-reading skills does not align with the requirements of a particular Grade in the AMEB Comprehensive syllabus. Candidates can present for an AMEB assessment with only repertoire performance requirements, using works selected from the AMEB Lists for the Grade along with an Own Choice option. Typically, compared with the Comprehensive exam, the Repertoire exam requires an additional work to be presented. There are no Technical Work, Aural Test, Sight-reading or General Knowledge requirements for a Repertoire exam.

In 2022, students have the option of recording their Repertoire exam performance and submitting a video for assessment at any time between 1 March and 30 November (enrolments close 16 September).

To enrol for a Video Repertoire examination on AMEB Connect: 1) select Series 60 Video Examinations; 2) Select the Syllabus and Grade. Each Video Repertoire exam subject code is prefixed by the letter ‘V’ to indicate an examination via video submission.

The requirements of a video Repertoire exam are the same as the requirements for a face-to-face Repertoire exam, as published in the current year’s syllabus.

Read more about recording a video exam performance, video exam enrolment and video submission.

Associate and Licentiate practical examinations

New guidelines regarding General Knowledge and Repeats for Level 3 (Associate and Licentiate) diploma exams were introduced in 2019. Refer to General Requirements and Level 3, Associate and Licentiate descriptions in the syllabus for further details. <Read important information for Associate and Licentiate candidates>

Examination requirements

It is essential that teachers and candidates consult the current year’s syllabus for details of AMEB examination requirements and note the applicable regulations, which are amended from time to time. The Manual of Syllabuses (Music Syllabuses) is available for purchase in the traditional hard copy format or as a digital file (PDF); and digital syllabuses are available for individual instruments and instrument families. <Read more about purchasing syllabuses>

Performance Evaluation (in-person and by video)

For students whose learning program does not suit an AMEB Comprehensive or Repertoire examination, AMEB Victoria offers a Performance Evaluation Program. The content of the Evaluation is customised to the needs of the student at the time. In-person Performance Evaluations are available in durations of 10, 20 and 30 minutes and are usually scheduled alongside AMEB Comprehensive and Repertoire examinations.

Students now have the option of recording their performance and submitting a video for evaluation at any time between 1 February and 30 November. Enrollers select Series 60 – Video Exams and enter the candidate for a 10-minute, 20-minute or 30-minute Performance Evaluation (Video), as required. <Read more about Performance Evaluation>

Teacher Consultation

A teacher may register for a 30-minute personal consultation with an AMEB Examiner. <Find out more about Teacher Consultation>

Support Materials

AMEB produces a range of publications to support teaching and learning in most instruments (as listed below). Supplementary materials are available to support the development of aural skills, theoretical knowledge, etc. <Click to read more about general publications>

Enrolling for face-to-face examinations, evaluations and consultations

Examinations, evaluations and teacher consultations for Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, and Saxophone are offered in five Metropolitan Practical Sessions and two Regional Practical Sessions. Examinations for Recorder are available in two Special Subject Sessions.

Diploma examinations are held at the AMEB Studios in Hawthorn: Associate examinations are available in each of the five Metropolitan Practical Sessions; Licentiate examinations are offered in late-June and late-September. <Click here for enrolment dates>

AMEB Woodwind examinations and evaluations are conducted by examiners who are specialists in their field: Recorder, Flute, Clarinet-Saxophone, Oboe-Bassoon.



Recorder Grade Book (First – Fourth Grade)
Recorder Technical Work and Users’ Handbook (1988)

Recorder Subject Numbers and Fees 2022  
***Teacher Consultation$66.00
12210Performance Evaluation 10min$40.00
12220Performance Evaluation 20min$80.00
12230Performance Evaluation 30min$120.00
12245Perf. Evaluation (Video) 20min$80.00
12250Perf. Evaluation (Video) 30min$120.00
601Comprehensive Grade 1 $96.00
602Comprehensive Grade 2$102.00
603Comprehensive Grade 3$113.00
604Comprehensive Grade 4$121.00
605Comprehensive Grade 5$128.00
606Comprehensive Grade 6$145.00
607Comprehensive Grade 7$172.00
608Comprehensive Grade 8$198.00
6081Repertoire Grade 1$96.00
6082Repertoire Grade 2$102.00
6083Repertoire Grade 3$113.00
6084Repertoire Grade 4$121.00
6085Repertoire Grade 5$128.00
6086Repertoire Grade 6$145.00
6087Repertoire Grade 7$172.00
6088Repertoire Grade 8$198.00
609Associate in Music$349.00
209Licentiate in Music$450.00
*** Contact AMEB Victoria for a subject number before enrolling.



Flute Series 3 Grade Books (Preliminary – Sixth Grade)
Flute Series 2 Grade Books (First – Fourth Grade)
Flute Series 2 Recordings (First – Fourth Grade)
Flute Sight Reading (2012)
Flute Technical Work (2012)
Flute Series 3 Recorded Accompaniments (Preliminary – Grade 3) (2015)

Flute Subject Numbers and Fees 2022  
2004Teacher Consultation$66.00
11910Performance Evaluation 10min$40.00
11920Performance Evaluation 20min$80.00
11930Performance Evaluation 30min$120.00
11945Perf. Evaluation (Video) 20min$80.00
11950Perf. Evaluation (Video) 30min$120.00
4090Comprehensive Preliminary$89.00
4091Comprehensive Grade 1 $96.00
4092Comprehensive Grade 2$102.00
4093Comprehensive Grade 3$113.00
4094Comprehensive Grade 4$121.00
4095Comprehensive Grade 5$128.00
4096Comprehensive Grade 6$145.00
4097Comprehensive Grade 7$172.00
4098Comprehensive Grade 8$198.00
6090Repertoire Preliminary$89.00
6091Repertoire Grade 1$96.00
6092Repertoire Grade 2$102.00
6093Repertoire Grade 3$113.00
6094Repertoire Grade 4$121.00
6095Repertoire Grade 5$128.00
6096Repertoire Grade 6$145.00
6097Repertoire Grade 7$172.00
6098Repertoire Grade 8$198.00
4099Certificate of Performance$221.00
4100Associate in Music$349.00
4101Licentiate in Music$450.00


Young students unable to play the concert Flute may present both Technical Work and pieces on the Piccolo at Level 1 only.

Piccolo Subject Numbers and Fees 2022  
672Comprehensive Grade 1 $96.00
673Comprehensive Grade 2$102.00
674Comprehensive Grade 3$113.00
174Comprehensive Grade 4$121.00
6241Repertoire Grade 1$96.00
6242Repertoire Grade 2$102.00
6243Repertoire Grade 3$113.00
6244Repertoire Grade 4$121.00



Oboe Series 1 Grade Books (Preliminary – Grade 4)
Oboe Series 1 Recorded Accompaniments (Preliminary – Grade 3)
Oboe Sight Reading (2017)
Oboe Technical Work (2017)

Oboe Subject Numbers and Fees 2022  
4300Comprehensive Preliminary$89.00
4301Comprehensive Grade 1 $96.00
4302Comprehensive Grade 2$102.00
4303Comprehensive Grade 3$113.00
4304Comprehensive Grade 4$121.00
4305Comprehensive Grade 5$128.00
4306Comprehensive Grade 6$145.00
4307Comprehensive Grade 7$172.00
4308Comprehensive Grade 8$198.00
4309Certificate of Performance$221.00
4309Certificate of Performance$221.00
4310Associate in Music$349.00
4311Licentiate in Music$450.00
6100Repertoire Preliminary$89.00
6101Repertoire Grade 1$96.00
6102Repertoire Grade 2$102.00
6103Repertoire Grade 3$113.00
6104Repertoire Grade 4$121.00
6105Repertoire Grade 5$128.00
6106Repertoire Grade 6$145.00
6107Repertoire Grade 7$172.00
6108Repertoire Grade 8$198.00
***Teacher Consultation$66.00
***Performance Evaluation 10min$40.00
***Performance Evaluation 20min$80.00
***Performance Evaluation 30min$120.00
***Perf. Evaluation (Video) 20min$80.00
***Perf. Evaluation (Video) 30min$120.00
*** Contact AMEB Victoria to obtain a subject number before enrolling.



Clarinet Series 3 Grade Books (Preliminary – Grade 4)
Clarinet Series 3 CDs and handbooks (Preliminary Grade – Grade 4)
Clarinet Series 2 Grade Books (First – Fourth Grade)
Clarinet Series 2 Recordings (First – Fourth Grade)
Clarinet Technical Work Book (2008)
Clarinet and Bass Clarinet Orchestral and Chamber Music Excerpts (2008)
Clarinet Sight Reading and Transposition (2000)
Clarinet Series 3 Recorded Accompaniments (Preliminary – Grade 3)

Clarinet Subject Numbers and Fees 2022  
2003Teacher Consultation$66.00
11710Performance Evaluation 10min$40.00
11720Performance Evaluation 20min$80.00
11730Performance Evaluation 30min$120.00
11745Perf. Evaluation (Video) 20min$80.00
11750Perf. Evaluation (Video) 30min$120.00
1940Comprehensive Preliminary$89.00
1941Comprehensive Grade 1 $96.00
1942Comprehensive Grade 2$102.00
1943Comprehensive Grade 3$113.00
1944Comprehensive Grade 4$121.00
1945Comprehensive Grade 5$128.00
1946Comprehensive Grade 6$145.00
1947Comprehensive Grade 7$172.00
1948Comprehensive Grade 8$198.00
6110Repertoire Preliminary$89.00
6111Repertoire Grade 1$96.00
6112Repertoire Grade 2$102.00
6113Repertoire Grade 3$113.00
6114Repertoire Grade 4$121.00
6115Repertoire Grade 5$128.00
6116Repertoire Grade 6$145.00
6117Repertoire Grade 7$172.00
6118Repertoire Grade 8$198.00
1949Certificate of Performance$221.00
1950Associate in Music$349.00
1951Licentiate in Music$450.00


Examination options

Candidates may now present for Level 1 examinations (Grades 1 – 4) on fagottino, within the standard Bassoon syllabus.


Bassoon Technical Work (2011)

Bassoon Subject Numbers and Fees 2022  
***Teacher Consultation$66.00
***Performance Evaluation 10min$40.00
***Performance Evaluation 20min$80.00
***Performance Evaluation 30min$120.00
***Perf. Evaluation (Video) 20min$80.00
***Perf. Evaluation (Video) 30min$120.00
4111Comprehensive Grade 1 $96.00
4112Comprehensive Grade 2$102.00
4113Comprehensive Grade 3$113.00
4114Comprehensive Grade 4$121.00
4115Comprehensive Grade 5$128.00
4116Comprehensive Grade 6$145.00
4117Comprehensive Grade 7$172.00
4118Comprehensive Grade 8$198.00
6121Repertoire Grade 1$96.00
6122Repertoire Grade 2$102.00
6123Repertoire Grade 3$113.00
6124Repertoire Grade 4$121.00
6125Repertoire Grade 5$128.00
6126Repertoire Grade 6$145.00
6127Repertoire Grade 7$172.00
6128Repertoire Grade 8$198.00
4119Certificate of Performance$221.00
4120Associate in Music$349.00
4121Licentiate in Music$450.00
*** Contact AMEB Victoria to obtain a subject number before enrolling.



Saxophone Series 2 Grade Books, Alto and Tenor (Grade 1 – Grade 4)
Saxophone Series 1 Grade Books, Alto and Tenor (First – Fourth Grade)
Saxophone Technical Work Book (2008)
Alto Saxophone Series 2 Recorded Accompaniments (Grade 1 – Grade 3)
Tenor Saxophone Series 2 Recorded Accompaniments (Grade 1 – Grade 3)

Saxophone Subject Numbers and Fees 2022  
2003Teacher Consultation$66
11210Performance Evaluation 10min$40
11220Performance Evaluation 20min$80
11230Performance Evaluation 30min$120
11245Perf. Evaluation (Video) 20min$80
11250Perf. Evaluation (Video) 30min$120
1961Comprehensive Grade 1 $96
1962Comprehensive Grade 2$102
1963Comprehensive Grade 3$113
1964Comprehensive Grade 4$121
1965Comprehensive Grade 5$128
1966Comprehensive Grade 6$145
1967Comprehensive Grade 7$172
1968Comprehensive Grade 8$198
6131Repertoire Grade 1$96
6132Repertoire Grade 2$102
6133Repertoire Grade 3$113
6134Repertoire Grade 4$121
6135Repertoire Grade 5$128
6136Repertoire Grade 6$145
6137Repertoire Grade 7$172
6138Repertoire Grade 8$198
1969Certificate of Performance$221
1970Associate in Music$349
1971Licentiate in Music$450

Saxophone for Leisure

Comprehensive and Repertoire exam options

A Saxophone for Leisure Repertoire exam option was trialled in 2020 and will again be offered in 2022. The traditional Saxophone for Leisure grade examination (including Technical Work and Section III requirements) is now known as the Comprehensive exam. Details of examination requirements may be found in the 2022 Manual of Syllabuses (Music Syllabuses).

To enter for a Saxophone for Leisure grade exam select either Saxophone for Leisure Grade X or Saxophone for Leisure Repertoire Grade X. 


Saxophone for Leisure Series 1 Grade Books Eb (Alto and Baritone) and Bb (Soprano and Tenor) (Preliminary – Grade 4)
Saxophone Technical Work Book (1997 revised ed)

Saxophone for Leisure Subject Numbers and Fees 2022  
1830Comprehensive Preliminary$89.00
1831Comprehensive Grade 1$96.00
1832Comprehensive Grade 2$102.00
1833Comprehensive Grade 3$113.00
1834Comprehensive Grade 4$121.00
1835Comprehensive Grade 5$128.00
1836Comprehensive Grade 6$145.00
1837Comprehensive Grade 7$172.00
1838Comprehensive Grade 8$198.00
1839Certificate of Performance $221.00
6280Repertoire Preliminary$89.00
6281Repertoire Grade 1$96.00
6282Repertoire Grade 2$102.00
6283Repertoire Grade 3$113.00
6284Repertoire Grade 4$121.00
6285Repertoire Grade 5$128.00
6286Repertoire Grade 6$145.00
6287Repertoire Grade 7$172.00
6288Repertoire Grade 8$198.00

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.