Special Needs

AMEB Victoria is committed to providing quality examinations for all candidates, including those with disabilities. We aim to ensure that all candidates have access to the examination process and are able to demonstrate their skills in the examination to the best of their ability.

Candidates with disabilities will be offered the same examining standards as those applied to all other candidates. No concessions are made regarding the assessment criteria used. However we will make special provisions for candidates who provide medical documentation of their disabilities and the special assessment needs which these necessitate.

We must be informed of the candidate’s special assessment needs in writing at the time of enrolment, or as soon as practicable after that time if a condition becomes apparent or worsens after the closing date for entries. A request should be submitted for each examination for which the candidate enrols, as information about special needs will not be retained for subsequent exams. The only exception to this rule is where the candidate’s needs are not likely to change from one exam series to another (see the Special Needs Policy for more information.)

The applicant (if 18 years or over) or their guardian must sign their application for special provisions to confirm that they give permission for the candidate’s special needs to be provided to the examiner. Recent medical documentation of the candidate’s disability must be attached to the application.

Where there is significant additional cost in providing special examination conditions, such as the provision of a separate venue or additional supervision, it may be necessary for AMEB to charge a fee to cover the incremental cost of providing the additional service.


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