Repertoire Examinations

Following the successful Recital examination trial for Flute, Violin and Trumpet in 2017 and 2018, a repertoire-only examination is now available for all instruments (excluding Band and CPM). The traditional exam familiar to most teachers and candidates has become known as the Comprehensive exam and candidates will be able to enrol in either the Comprehensive or the Repertoire exam for their chosen syllabus.

Repertoire examinations allow candidates to present for an AMEB assessment with only repertoire performance requirements, using works selected from the AMEB syllabus Lists along with an Own Choice option. There are no Technical Work, General Knowledge, Aural Test or Sight Reading requirements for a Repertoire exam, however these tests continue to be components of the Comprehensive exam.

Level 1 (Preliminary – Grade 4)
For the Level One Repertoire exam (Preliminary to Grade 4) candidates will be required to present four works: one from each of Lists A, B and C, plus one Own Choice work of equivalent standard.

Level 2 (Grades 5 – 8)
Level Two (Grades 5 to 8) Repertoire exam candidates will be required to present a total of five works: three from different syllabus lists, plus two Own Choice works of equivalent standard.

Own Choice Pieces
Own Choice selections should have an educational value similar to that already prescribed in the syllabus. For example, candidates might wish to present an additional work of the same grade selected from the AMEB Manual List, the current grade book, or an earlier series of grade book – or choose a suitable work from another source.

The specific Repertoire exam requirements for each instrument and grade should be confirmed by consulting the respective 2019 syllabus.