Free Video Performance Evaluations for VCE Unit 4 students

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> Guide to recording a performance for Video Evaluation
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AMEB Victoria’s Performance Evaluation Program offers VCE students a performance opportunity and general feedback.

How to submit a Video Performance Evaluation
Record the performance in one take with a good-quality recording device (see Guide to recording a performance for video Evaluation, below).

Upload the performance video to a file sharing service e.g. Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, or YouTube. Copy the video link to paste into the AMEB submission form.

Complete the submission form to submit the video recording to AMEB Victoria (It is not necessary to enrol on AMEB Connect.) Please note that the form must be completed by the enrolling person who must be over 18 years of age. Submissions close on 13 September.

The video will be reviewed by a specialist examiner and a written report will be emailed to the enrolling person within 14 days.

Students of contemporary and classical instruments can perform their VCE Music Repertoire Unit 4 assessment program ‘to camera’, submit the video recording to AMEB Victoria, and receive constructive feedback in the form of a written report from an AMEB Examiner.

Whilst AMEB examiners are not able to comment on the student’s achievement against specific VCE assessment criteria, our specialist examiners can offer constructive feedback on artistic aspects of the performance and identify technical areas for attention.

Submissions may be made at any time, but must be received by 13 September at the latest, as several weeks are required for the evaluations to be scheduled, the recordings viewed, and the reports issued.

About AMEB Performance Evaluation

An AMEB Performance Evaluation offers each student:

• a performance goal
• an individually-selected program of work for evaluation
• constructive feedback from an expert on the chosen instrument
• recognition via a Certificate of Participation

Students studying VCE Units 1, 2 or 3 may enrol for a ‘regular’ 20- or 30-minute Performance Evaluation, either by video or face-to-face in the respective AMEB exam session (fees will be payable).

Program of work and performance time

The program of work may include all or part of a VCE Unit 4 Music Repertoire performance. The duration of the performance should be no more than 25 minutes.

If possible, at the beginning of the recording, the candidate should introduce themselves and the title of the first item e.g.: “My name is John Smith. My first piece is XXXXX.” Each subsequent work should also be announced, e.g.: “I will now play XXXX.”

Guide to recording a performance for video evaluation

Camera and microphone

A high-quality recording device should be used; a recent-model smart phone or tablet might be suitable (test both audio and vision). Video resolution of 720p is recommended (minimum 480p). The camera must be positioned to capture the performer’s face, both hands and the instrument. It is important that the sound is appropriately balanced between the solo part and the live or recorded accompaniment (if any). Choose a quiet location with good lighting and minimal ambient noise.


Will the feedback be provided by a VCE examiner?
No. A written report will be provided by an examiner who is a specialist in the instrument (or voice) and either ‘classical’ or ‘contemporary’ performance practice. The comments will refer to the artistic attributes of the performance but will not refer to specific VCE assessment criteria.

Can I submit a video for evaluation if I am studying Units 1, 2 or 3?
Yes. You can enrol for a ‘regular’ Performance Evaluation of 20- or 30-minutes. However, complimentary Video Performance Evaluations are available only to Music Performance Unit 4 students.

What do I receive after submitting my video?
You will receive a written report from a specialist examiner and a Certificate of Participation. The report will be emailed to the enrolling person and the Certificate will be sent to the enrolling person’s postal address.

Why should I submit my VCE performance to AMEB?
Setting a date to record your program provides a goal to work towards and a performance opportunity ‘under exam pressure’ before your official VCE exam. And you will receive feedback identifying some areas in which you could improve your performance.