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AMEB Victoria’s Performance Evaluation Program aims to support VCE Music Performance Unit 4 students by offering a performance opportunity and general performance feedback.

VCE students may record some or all of their VCE program for evaluation and receive constructive feedback in the form of a written report from a specialist AMEB Examiner. The feedback will be general in nature and will not make reference to VCE assessment criteria.

About AMEB Performance Evaluation

An AMEB Performance Evaluation offers each student:

  • a performance goal
  • individually-selected program of work for evaluation
  • constructive feedback from an expert on the chosen instrument
  • recognition via a Certificate of Participation

VCE Video Performance Evaluation may be submitted to AMEB Victoria between 22 May and 20 September (end of Term 3) via the AMEB Victoria website:  It is recommended that students and teachers first record the VCE performance, then upload the performance to YouTube and finally submit the video to AMEB via the Submission Form at the bottom of this page (the Submission Form must be completed by the teacher or person over the age of 18). After AMEB acknowledges receipt of the video it will be reviewed by an AMEB Examiner and the enrolling person will receive a written report within 14 days.

How to submit a Video Performance Evaluation

Record the performance in one take with a good-quality recording device (see Guide to recording a performance for video Evaluation, below).

Upload the performance video to YouTube (see Guide to uploading to YouTube, below).

Complete the Submission Form (below) to submit the video to AMEB Victoria. Please note that the form must be completed by the enrolling person who must be over 18 years of age.

The video will be reviewed by an AMEB Examiner and a written report will be emailed to the enrolling person within 14 days.

Program of work and performance time

The program of work may include a complete Music Performance program or part of a VCE Music Performance program. The duration of the performance should be no more than 25 minutes’.

Solo and group performances may be submitted. If there is more than one candidate in a group to receive written feedback, the Submission Form must be completed for each candidate.

If possible, at the beginning of the recording, the candidate should introduce him/herself and the title of the first item e.g.: “My name is John Smith. My first piece is XXXXX.” Each subsequent work should also be announced, e.g.: “I will now play XXXX.”

Guide to recording a performance for video evaluation

Camera and microphone

A high-quality recording device should be used; a recent-model smart phone or tablet might be suitable (test both audio and vision). Video resolution of 720p is recommended (minimum 480p). The camera must be positioned to capture the performer’s face, both hands and the instrument. It is important that the sound is appropriately balanced between the solo part and the live or recorded accompaniment (if any). Choose a quiet location with good lighting and minimal ambient noise.

Guide to uploading to YouTube

Performance Evaluations are submitted privately to AMEB Victoria via YouTube. The enrolling person or candidate must create a Google account, then a YouTube channel, to which the video will be uploaded. The video privacy setting should be set to unlisted so that the video can be shared with AMEB but will not appear in YouTube search results.

The following guide applies to uploading on a PC or Mac through a standard web browser. Experienced users may be able to directly upload videos from a mobile device.

Creating a Google account

1. Go to

2. At the top right, click sign in

3. If you have a Google account, enter your details; if you are a new user click Create Account.

Create a personal YouTube channel

4. Select the camera icon at the top right of the window Create a video or post > Upload video

5. Insert your name and select Create channel.

Upload video

Your video may be uploaded at the time of your choosing and then submitted to AMEB before the 30 November.

6. Log in to your YouTube account and select the camera icon at the top right of the window Create a video or post > Upload video.

7. When a square window appears, ensure the privacy setting drop-down menu is set to unlisted before you upload your video. (Do not select the public video privacy setting as this might create a breach of Australian copyright law.)

8. Click Select files to upload or simply ‘drag and drop’ the video file to the window.

Submit the performance to AMEB

9. Click the account menu at the top right of the screen and select > My channel. A list of your videos will be displayed.

10. Select the video to be submitted for evaluation, then click Share, which is displayed under the video on the right.

11.  After the share window pops up click copy, next to the URL, to copy the link to the clipboard.

12. Paste the link to the form on this page, complete the other details, and click SUBMIT.


Do you have questions? Go to the FAQ page to find out more.

VCE Video Performance Submission Form

If you require assistance completing this form please contact us.

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Certification by the enroller:

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