Free Video Evaluation for VCE Unit 4 Students

AMEB Victoria is pleased to offer a complimentary Performance Evaluation by video to each VCE Unit 4 Music Performance student as part of our 2020 Student Support Program. An AMEB Video Performance Evaluation is an opportunity for students to perform some or all of their VCE program and receive constructive feedback from a specialist examiner in ‘classical’ or ‘contemporary’ performance practice.

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AMEB Victoria Performance Evaluations

Our Performance Evaluation Program aims to encourage and motivate learners of any age or level of attainment by providing achievable goals, feedback on progress, and recognition of their efforts.

Performance Evaluation is useful for developing musicians whose study programs do not align with the requirements of AMEB Practical Exams, as the content of the evaluation is established by the teacher and customised to the needs of the individual student. An AMEB Performance Evaluation might be suitable for students who:

  • are learning in a Suzuki or Yamaha program
  • are learning in a group
  • are preparing for a VCE examination
  • would value feedback prior to an AMEB examination (from Preliminary through to Associate or Licentiate diploma level)
  • are progressing through a development program that does not align with AMEB Practical exam requirements are just learning ‘for fun’

Video Performance Evaluations are available at any time between 1 February and 30 November. Face-to-face Performance Evaluations are available in the published Practical exam sessions (circumstances permitting). Read more.