• Can my student be examined using Series 15 and Series 16 pieces?

    Yes, but they will be examined under the old (2018) Piano Syllabus. (From the start of 2021 the old (2018) Piano Syllabus will no longer be available for examination.)

  • Are the scales for each grade listed in the Manual of Syllabuses?

    No, Technical Work (exercises, scales & arpeggios) are printed in the books Technical work Level 1 (Preliminary to Grade 4) and Technical work Level 2 (Grades 5 – 8).


  • Do candidates need to memorise the Technical Work?

    Yes. Technical Work must be presented from memory, however the Exercises in the new Piano Technical Work books may be read from the music during the examination.

  • Is a canon required for Grade 1?

    No. The Canon is not part of the Technical Work in the new 2019 Piano Syllabus. (Please note a canon is not suitable as an Extra List or Own Choice work.)

  • Can I use Series 17 pieces with the new syllabus?

    Yes, Series 17 and Series 18 grade books can be used with the new (2019) Piano Syllabus.

  • Can I enrol my student who has already started learning scales from the old Piano Technical Work Book (2008)?

    Yes, but they will be examined under the old (2018) Piano Syllabus. When enrolling with AMEB Connect first select the Syllabus ‘Piano (2018)’; then the grade.

  • What will change in Piano for Leisure?

    There are no changes to Piano for Leisure exams. Piano for Leisure is regarded as a separate syllabus and stands alone to the new (2019) Piano Syllabus.