Contemporary Popular Music (CPM)

CPM Repertoire exam now available by video submission
A new CPM Video Repertoire exam is available. Candidates can present for an AMEB assessment by recording their performance of Set Works, Free Choice and Creative items on video and submitting it to AMEB for assessment. Technical Work, Knowledge and Understanding, Aural Skills or Reading Skills will not form part of the CPM Video Repertoire examination, however candidates will be required to prepare an additional Free Choice work and present two Creative items. 
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Click here to submit a CPM Video Repertoire performance.

Notice of withdrawal

AMEB’s Contemporary Popular Music will cease to be available for examination from 31 December 2020 (including CPM Bass, Drum Kit, Guitar, Keyboard and Vocal).

AMEB is continuing its partnership with RSL (UK) to offer a wide range of Rockschool exams and encourages students who wish to be examined in popular music styles to consider purchasing the excellent Rockschool learning materials and to enrol for examination through AMEB Connect (Victoria).


CPM Bass Grade Books (Advancing Steps 1 – 4)
CPM Drum Kit Grade Books (Advancing Steps 1 – 4)
CPM Guitar Grade Books (Advancing Steps 1 – 4)
CPM Keyboard Grade Books (Fundamental Steps 1 — 4 and Advancing Steps 1 – 4)
CPM Vocal Grade Books (Advancing Steps 1 – 4)

CPM Subject Numbers and Fees 2020 
Bass - Advancing
9201Step 1$152.00
9202Step 2$152.00
9203Step 3$152.00
9204Step 4$152.00
Drum Kit - Advancing
9301Step 1$152.00
9302Step 2$152.00
9303Step 3$152.00
9304Step 4$152.00
Guitar - Advancing
9401Step 1$152.00
9402Step 2$152.00
9403Step 3$152.00
9404Step 4$152.00
9121Grade 1$93.00
9122Grade 2$99.00
9123Grade 3$110.00
9124Grade 4$117.00
9125Grade 5$124.00
9126Grade 6$141.00
9127Grade 7$167.00
9128Grade 8$192.00
9129Certificate of Performance$215.00
Vocal - Advancing
9501Step 1$152.00
9502Step 2$152.00
9503Step 3$152.00
9504Step 4$152.00

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.