New Flute Grade 5 and Grade 6 books

Flute Grade 5 and 6 candidates now have additional repertoire choices, published in two additions to Flute Series 4.

Repertoire for each grade has been researched and selected by the grade book consultant, acclaimed Australian flautist and educator Jocelyn Fazzone.

• Pieces have been chosen for their educational merit – covering a variety of keys, time signatures, combination of tempi, rhythmic elements, dynamics and articulation.
• A wide variety of compositional styles offer diversity and interest – including Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary classical, freestyle swing, blues, Latin jazz, Ragtime, rock, Gospel and global folk music from parts of Asia, Europe and Great Britain.
• Character pieces with descriptive titles are included, to encourage students’ imagination and storytelling ability through playing.
• Pieces have been chosen, adapted or transposed, where necessary, to suit the appropriate playing level at each grade.
• A focus on effective tempo markings and breath placement support student learning.
• Works by female and Australian composers/arrangers feature in every grade book.

Repertoire lists for the new Series 4 grade books may be viewed here >

The following Flute publications are now available for purchase on AMEB Connect at discounted prices.

New – Flute Series 4 repertoire books (Grade 5 and Grade 6)
Flute Series 4 repertoire books (Preliminary – Grade 4)
Flute Series 3 repertoire books (Preliminary – Sixth Grade)
Flute Series 2 repertoire books (First – Fourth Grade)
Flute Series 2 recordings (First – Fourth Grade)
Flute Sight Reading (2012)
Flute Technical Work (2012)

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