Uploading and submitting a video recording via YouTube

Only for Rockschool exams & AMEB Performance Evaluations.

Video Repertoire & P Plate Piano exams are submitted via AMEB Connect.

Some video examination performances are submitted privately to AMEB Victoria via YouTube. The enrolling person or candidate must create a Google account, then a YouTube channel, to which the video will be uploaded. The visibility setting should be set to unlisted so that the video can be shared with AMEB but will not appear in YouTube search results.

Alternative video file sharing services such as Vimeo, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox may be used by schools and private studios who have an account with that service. Care must be taken to ensure that the file sharing setting enables viewing of the video by AMEB Examiners and administrative personnel. (Please test the link before submitting it to AMEB.)

The following guide applies to uploading on a PC or Mac through a standard web browser. Experienced users may be able to directly upload videos from a mobile device.

Creating a Google account
  • Go to https://www.youtube.com/
  • At the top right, click sign in
  • If you have a Google account, enter your details; if you are a new user click Create Account.
Create a personal YouTube channel
  • Select the camera icon at the top right of the window Create a video or post > Upload video
  • Insert your name and select Create channel.
Upload video

Your video should be submitted before 28 November.

  • Log in to your YouTube account and select the camera icon at the top right of the window, then select  > Upload video.
  • Click Select files to upload or simply ‘drag and drop’ the video file to the window.
  • Video processing commences, once completed, click Next then click the radio button, Yes it’s made for kids.
  • Click Next, video elements will be displayed (not required), click Next again.
  • Ensure the visibility setting is set to unlisted, then save.
Submit the performance to AMEB
  • Click the account menu at the top right of the screen and select > My channel. A list of your videos will be displayed.
  • Select the video to be submitted to AMEB, then click Share, which is displayed under the video on the right.
  • After the share window pops up click copy, next to the URL, to copy the link to the clipboard.
  • Navigate to the AMEB Victoria Video Submissions page, complete the form details, paste the link into the box labelled Video link and click click Submit.