New Teaching syllabus and resources

The new AMEB Teaching Syllabuses 2024 is now available as a free-of-charge digital download from the AMEB Federal Office website:

Also available as a free download is the new AMEB Teaching Guide to assessment (2023).

AMEB has produced a companion text, Teaching music performance: A guide for evidence-based pedagogy, which is available for purchase in digital and hardcopy versions. This resource comprises a series of articles by leading academics and practitioners who together represent the cutting edge of studio music pedagogy.

Whether you are new to music teaching or an established teacher, the AMEB Teaching Syllabuses can help you enhance your studio teaching practice based on the latest research in music pedagogy.

Until 2029, the new 2024 AMEB Certificate Teacher of Music Australia (CTMusA) and Associate Teacher of Music Australia (ATMusA) syllabuses will be examined concurrently with the versions of the CTMusA, ATMusA and LTMusA syllabuses that last appeared in the 2023 Manual of Syllabuses. The new Teaching syllabus does not include a Licentiate Teacher of Music Australia (LTMusA).

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