Health and Hygiene protocols for visitors

Effective 1 May 2023 until amended or withdrawn

The health, safety and wellbeing of employees and visitors is our highest priority and AMEB Victoria will endeavour to provide an environment that is as safe as reasonably practicable.

Each candidate may be accompanied by no more than two additional persons. Candidates and accompanists should make legal copies of pages where required to ensure continuity of the performance (copies are to be destroyed following the examination).

AMEB Victoria continues to strongly encourage individuals to remain up to date with their COVID‐19 vaccinations but does not require evidence of vaccination in order to access our premises.

Visitor’s obligations
Do not enter the premises if feeling unwell or exhibiting cold or flu‐like symptoms or receiving a positive result to a COVID‐19 Rapid Antigen Test within the last 48 hours or waiting for the results of a COVID‐19 PCR Test. Any visitor exhibiting cold or flu‐like symptoms may be asked to leave the premises.

Candidates presenting with cold or flu‐like symptoms (such as coughing) will not be able to be examined; they will be asked to leave the premises and the enroller may request a partial refund of the entry fee on medical grounds.

It is strongly recommended that a fitted face‐mask is worn, except when drinking from a personal water bottle or performing.

On Arrival
Candidates and accompanying persons should arrive at the Hawthorn Studios no more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled examination time, unless advised otherwise.
• Enter the building and wait at the sign (keep 1.5 metres distance from others).
• Each visitor (or pair of visitors from the one household) will be invited to proceed to the reception desk.
• The candidate should hold up the Notice of Examination to be viewed. This must be a physical copy of the Notice, including the titles of pieces, to be handed to the examiner at the commencement of the examination. Diploma exam candidates must also present photo ID.
• Note that no food or drink can be brought into the building – bottled water excepted.

Download the Health and Hygiene Protocols for examinations at the Hawthorn Studios

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