• What do I receive after submitting my video?

    You will receive a written report from an instrumental specialist and a Certificate of Participation. The report will be emailed to the enrolling person and the Certificate will be sent to the enrolling person’s postal address.

  • Why should I submit my VCE performance to AMEB?

    Setting a date to record your program and submitting it to AMEB provides a goal to work towards and an extra performance opportunity before your official VCE exam.

  • Can group performances be submitted for VCE Video Evaluation?

    Yes. The student who is to receive written feedback should be indicated on the Submission Form.

  • Can I use the same video for more than one VCE student performing in a group?

    Yes, but a Submission Form must be completed for each student.

  • Will the VCE Video Evaluation feedback be provided by a VCE examiner?

    No. A written report will be provided by an AMEB Examiner who is a specialist in the chosen instrument (or voice). The comments will be performance based and will not make reference to VCE assessment criteria.

  • Can I submit a video for evaluation if I am studying Units 1, 2 or 3?

    No, the program is open only to Music Performance Unit 4 students.

  • What is the cost for a Video Evaluation?

    Free for VCE Music Performance Unit 4 students.