• Are Extra List pieces required in a repertoire exam?

    No. Only 4 works for Level 1 exams (Prel – Grade 4) and 5 works for Level 2 exams (Grade 5 – 8).

  • What is a Repertoire exam?

    An examination where the candidate performs only pieces (repertoire). There are no Technical Work, General Knowledge, Aural Tests or Sight Reading requirements in this type of exam.

  • How many pieces are required in a Repertoire exam?

    For Level One (Preliminary – Grade 4) four works are required, three pieces from Lists A, B and C and one Own Choice work. In Level Two (Grades 5 – 8) five works are required three pieces from the Lists plus two Own Choice works of equivalent standard.

  • What is an Own Choice work?

    An Own Choice piece should have similar educational value to the pieces in the syllabus for the chosen grade.