• Will there be a workbook for Grade 6?

    At this stage, only Grades 1 to Grade 5 will be published.

  • Are the answers published in the books?

    No. The answers will be available as a PDF document. Please contact us for more information.

  • How are these books different to the online Theory of Music courses?

    The books are modelled on the online course but contain new practice questions.The online course allows a student to prepare for an online course by practising using the online software.

  • Are the books to be used alongside the online course?

    The books may be used on their own, or together with the online course. Students and teachers may choose which option suits them best.

  • How do these books compare to other Theory books?

    The AMEB Theory of Music books incorporate all the changes made to the Theory of Music Syllabus over the years.