CPM Video Repertoire Exams available in 2020


CPM Repertoire exams available by video submission from 15 June

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Fellowship in Music examination re-instated


AMEB’s most prestigious award, the Fellowship in Music, Australia will again be available for examination from 2020. Taking the form of a public recital, the Fellowship examination can be undertaken in any instrument listed for examination in the current edition of the AMEB Manual of syllabuses (Music), including Voice. Prospective candidates are encouraged to contact…

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New Trumpet teaching and learning resources


> New Trumpet syllabus> Enrolling for examinations > New Trumpet publications> Trumpet competition winner announced New Trumpet syllabus A new Trumpet syllabus will be available for examination from 2020. Following the comprehensive review of the Trumpet Manual Lists in 2017, the technical work requirements have been updated, and a new collection of Trumpet teaching and…

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Music Theory updates 2020


Syllabus News 2020 Paper-based Theory of Music exams available ‘on application’ In 2020, Theory of Music exams in the traditional paper-based format will be available ‘on application’. A school or private studio with a group of ten or more candidates may apply to host paper-based Theory of Music examinations on any convenient date from March…

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New Rockschool Piano & Keys Syllabuses


From 2019, Rockschool will offer new Keys and Piano syllabuses.

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Speech and Drama updates 2020


A complete review of the 2019 Speech and Drama Syllabuses has taken place.

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Contemporary Popular Music (CPM)


CPM will cease to be available for examination from 31 December 2020.

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New Piano syllabus


A new Piano syllabus was released for examination in 2019.

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Repertoire Examinations


A repertoire-only examination will be available for most instruments in 2019

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