Video submissions due 30 November

Video exam enrolments are now closed

Please lodge submissions as early as possible to enable examinations to be completed prior to Christmas.

Video recordings for AMEB Repertoire Grade examinations are submitted by enrollers through AMEB Connect. Read more >

Video recordings for Rockschool examinations are submitted via the AMEB Victoria website. Read more >

What video exams are available?

All Music Repertoire Grade exams, from Preliminary to Grade 8, and P Plate Piano assessments are available by pre-recorded video submission. Read more >

Rockschool video exams are available in Performance Certificate and Graded Certificate subjects. Read more >

Ungraded Performance Evaluations are available by pre-recorded video in durations of 10, 20 and 30 minutes. Read more >

AMEB Repertoire Grade examinations

Compared with the Comprehensive examination, the Repertoire examination typically requires the presentation of one additional work – which might involve bringing up to performance standard an Extra List piece. There are no Technical Work or Section III requirements in the Repertoire exam.

The Repertoire exam requirements for each subject may be found in the current syllabus for the instrument.

Guidance for preparing video exam submissions may be found here.