New Trumpet Level 2 grade books

The AMEB Trumpet Series 2 grade books have been expanded to include Grades 5 and 6. The works featured in Trumpet Series 2 Grade 5 and Trumpet Series 2 Grade 6 will be added to the repertoire section of the current Trumpet syllabus.  (No works have been removed). Exciting new pieces provide ample technical and skill-building opportunities for developing trumpeters. Ensemble playing and practice opportunities are encouraged through the inclusion of duets.

Additional orchestral excerpts for Grades 5 and 6 are included in the new publications.

A teachers’ workshop was presented online by the Series 2 grade book consultant, Suzanne Wedding on Sunday 12 February. In the workshop, Suzanne discussed the repertoire contained in the books, and focused on the techniques required in each piece.
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Trumpet Series 2 Publications

Trumpet Series 2 grade books (Preliminary to Grade 6)

  • Specially selected repertoire with a focus on works written for Trumpet.
  • The first publication of AMEB Trumpet books at Level 2.
  • New orchestral excerpts to expand the current lists.
  • New and stylistically diverse pieces with grade-appropriate ranges.

Contents Trumpet Series 2 grade books

Grade 5

List A
ARBAN, J.-B. Study No 26 from Grande méthode complète de cornet à piston et de saxhorn
CAENS, T. Pavane rôtie from Petites études sur les tonalités
CONCONE, G.arr. WEDDING. Leçon No 44 from 50 leçons de chant Op. 9
DAVIS, L. Pegasus in pinstripes

List B
CORELLI, A. arr. ROSS. Sarabanda and Gavotta 4th movement from Sonata No 7 and 4th movement from Sonata No 10 from 12 violin sonatas
HUMMEL, J. arr. HODGSON. Romanze No 4 from Six pièces très faciles Op. 52
PURCELL, H. arr. NICOLSON. I’ll sail upon the dog star from Z. 571
TRADITIONAL arr. HUNSBERGER. ‘Tis the last rose of summer

List C
GETCHELL, R. Proclamation, Serenade and Frolic
KELLY, P. Ezekiel’s rag
STREET, A. Rondino
TORNYOS, G. Sonatine

List D – Orchestral excerpts

Grade 6

List A
CONCONE, G. Leçon No 8 from 25 leçons de chant Op. 10
HERING, S. Study I
MONZA, C. attrib. PERGOLESI, G. arr. WEDDING. Air No 4 from Suite in E major from Pièces modernes pour le clavecin

List B
BÖHME, O. arr. LAUBE. Liebeslied Op. 22 No 2
LORTZING, A. arr. MÖLICH. Thema und Variationen für Trompete und Orchester
PURCELL, H. arr. ROSS. Rondeau from Abdelazer Z. 570
TRADITIONAL arr. HUNSBERGER. Believe me if all those endearing young charms

List C
BULLA, S. Declaration for trumpet
KATS-CHERNIN, E. Slicked back tango
MCDOWALL, C. Ball at the Moulin de la Galette, Nocturne in blue and gold and Walking man from Framed

List D – Orchestral excerpts

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