Speech & Drama Online Exams

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Speech & Drama online exam submission form

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    Individual, duo, or group exam?:
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    If performing in a group list the full names of all candidates to be assessed (for certificates):


    Each Speech & Performance or Voice & Communication candidate must upload a single PDF file containing all texts (but not self-devised material) in their chosen order of performance.

    List all copyright material uploaded in the following format: AUTHOR, Title, Publisher (in the chosen order of performance).

    Each Drama & Communication candidate must provide a copy of their script or program summary as a single PDF file.

    Copyright declaration - Making a temporary copy for an examiner

    I certify that a digital copy of the examination material from which the candidate/s will perform has been made for use by the examiner. I acknowledge that this digital copy will not be returned to the candidate and will be destroyed by AMEB and I must delete any digital copy of this material I have made (as required under Australian Copyright Law).

    Certification by the examination supervisor

    Video examinations will not be assessed without a signed supervisor’s declaration. The supervisor is usually the enroller, however, during the COVID-19 crisis it can be a parent or adult in the candidate’s household.

    I certify that the performer/s are the person/s named on the enrolment and attest that the performance will be supervised by me without teaching/prompting assistance.

    (The supervisor may be contacted for verification.)

    After clicking ‘ Submit’ please do not navigate away from this page for at least one minute. A ‘thank you’ message will be shown here indicating the submission was successful. On the next business day a confirmation email will be sent to the enroller’s email address (as entered above) confirming the submission has been received.