Screen Sharing Copyright Clearance Licence

Music teachers who provide online tuition may obtain copyright clearance from the AMEB Federal Office for sharing AMEB publications during lessons.

The Screen Sharing Copyright Clearance Licence will allow teachers to legally screen share AMEB publications via their chosen online lesson platform, free of charge.

This new licence aims to make online lessons a little bit easier while protecting the rights and intellectual property of publishers and composers.

The Screen Sharing Copyright Clearance Licence:

  • applies to AMEB publications;
  • is free for all teachers in Australia;
  • does not replace the need to buy an AMEB publication (both the teacher and student must own an original copy of the book);
  • is valid until 14 October 2020;
  • to review the Terms and Conditions and apply for a licence click here go to the AMEB Federal website.


In order to screen share can I make a digital copy of a piece from my own AMEB publication?

Yes, but only for publications included in your licence. The copy cannot be used for any other purpose and must be destroyed either when the teacher has finished with it or when the licence expires, whichever comes first.

Why do I have to apply for a licence?

Because this is a valuable right that is being given to you on behalf of the composers and publishers who own the works in the AMEB publications. The licence demonstrates you understand this and that you accept the terms of the licence.

Can I get a licence like this next year?

The term of the licence will be reviewed later this year. It is a response to the extreme circumstances that we find ourselves in currently and will unlikely continue after COVID-19 restrictions are eased.

If I own a book and my student owns a book why do I need a licence to make a copy of it?

Owning a book doesn’t give you the right to make copies. Projecting a book onto a screen counts as making a copy so it is not allowed without a licence.

Does this apply to other non-AMEB publications and Manual List pieces?

This licence only applies to AMEB publications eg. Grade Books, Technical Work Books and so on. It does not apply to other publishers’ books, to manual list pieces in the AMEB syllabus or to any other external publications.

Does this apply to the AMEB Manual of Syllabuses?

Yes, with a license you can screen share the AMEB Manual of Syllabuses.