New Violin syllabus

A new Violin syllabus was released in 2022

Following a review of the Violin Manual Lists, the syllabus now features new repertoire in addition to existing favourite works. The Technical Work requirements have also been reviewed, culminating in the release of Violin Technical work (2021). A new series of Violin grade books and handbooks (Violin Series 10) have been produced for Preliminary to Grade 7, and Recorded accompaniments have been produced for the accompanied works in Series 10, Preliminary to Grade 3. Finally, Violin Sight-reading (2021) presents a selection of sight-reading exercises tailored to the parameters of the revised syllabus.

Recorded accompaniments
Violin Series 10 recorded accompaniments, Preliminary to Grade 3, are available to purchase from the AMEB Federal Office. Click here to purchase.

New Violin syllabus resources

Users of the new syllabus will be able to source their repertoire from either Violin Series 10, Violin Series 9, or the works on the new Manual Lists. Violin Series 8 may not be used with the new syllabus, except as a source of Extra List or Own Choice works. Violin Technical work (2011) may not be used with the new syllabus. This book may only be used with the Violin syllabus that last appeared in the 2021 Manual of syllabuses. Violin Sight-reading (2011), while not tailored to the parameters of the revised syllabus, may be used as an extra resource for practice purposes.

The following resources, available from mid December 2021, may be used with the new syllabus:

Violin Series 10 grade books (Preliminary to Grade 7) (2021)
Violin Series 10 handbooks (digital and hardcopy versions) (Preliminary to Grade 7) (2021)
Violin Series 10 Recorded accompaniments (Preliminary to Grade 3) (2021)
Violin Technical work (2021)
Violin Sight-reading (2021)

Alternative syllabuses in 2022 and 2023

The new Violin syllabus will be examined concurrently with the version of the Violin syllabus that last appeared in the 2021 Manual of syllabuses for two years after the release of the new syllabus. From the start of 2024 the previous Violin syllabus will no longer be available for examination.

About the syllabus consultant

Philippa Paige studied violin with Robert Pikler in Sydney before undertaking further study in London where she worked for several years as a freelance violinist with a number of London orchestras and chamber ensembles and also developed her teaching career. After a further two years as a member of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra in Spain she returned to Australia where she joined the Sydney Symphony Orchestra with whom she played for 30 years.  Philippa was appointed to the Sydney Conservatorium part-time staff in 1985 and currently teaches at the Conservatorium High School as well as maintaining a private studio. She presents masterclasses, lectures and workshops, adjudicates eisteddfods and competitions, and has worked extensively as tutor and advisor to organisations such as the Sydney Youth Orchestras and the Australian Youth Orchestras. Philippa was the String Advisor to the AMEB in NSW for many years and was a syllabus writer for the two previous revisions of the Violin Syllabus.

Online Violin workshops

A series of online workshops to explore the new Violin Syllabus were held in March. Click the links below to watch the workshops on YouTube.

Click here to watch the Level 2 Violin workshop with Caron Chan.
Click here to watch the Technical Work workshop with Philippa Paige.

Level 3 playlist

Click here to access a YouTube playlist of new repertoire included in the new Violin Syllabus Level 3 examinations (curated by consultant, Fintan Murphy).

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