New Horn Syllabus

Following a review of the Horn Manual Lists, the syllabus features new repertoire, in addition to existing favourite works. The Technical Work and Orchestral Excerpt requirements have also been reviewed, culminating in the release of Horn Technical work & orchestral excerpts (2021). A new series of Horn grade books (Horn Series 2) have been produced for Preliminary to Grade 4, in addition to Horn Sight-reading & transposition (2021). The new syllabus introduces two new examinations: Preliminary at the beginning of the syllabus and Certificate of Performance, which serves both to cap the Level 2 examinations as well as prepare candidates for the requirements of the Level 3 examinations.

New Horn syllabus resources

Users of the new syllabus will be able to source their repertoire from either Horn Series 2, Orchestral Brass Series 1: Horn or the works on the new Manual Lists. Horn and Trumpet Technical work (1992, reprinted with new cover 2004) may not be used with the new syllabus. This book may only be used with the Horn syllabus that last appeared in the 2021 Manual of syllabuses. Brass Sight-reading (2004), while not tailored to the parameters of the revised syllabus, may be used as an extra resource for practice purposes.

The following resources may be used with the new syllabus:

Horn Series 2 grade books (Preliminary to Grade 4) (2021)
Horn Series 2 Recorded accompaniments (Preliminary to Grade 3) (2021)
Horn Technical work & orchestral excerpts (2021)
Horn Sight-reading & transposition (2021)

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Alternative syllabuses in 2022 and 2023

The new Horn syllabus will be examined concurrently with the version of the Horn syllabus that last appeared in the 2021 Manual of syllabuses for two years after the release of the new syllabus. From the start of 2024 the previous Horn syllabus will no longer be available for examination.

About the syllabus consultant

Ysolt Clark is an acclaimed performer/educator based in Brisbane, Australia. She has been part of the horn teaching team at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University for the last twenty years. Ysolt also has her own highly successful private teaching practice and teaches at selected Brisbane schools. She was a member of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra for several years and continues to freelance as an orchestral player throughout Australia. Ysolt is a highly experienced chamber musician and frequently plays with Camerata, Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra. She is passionate about music education at all stages of development and draws her experience in building a well-rounded musician from working with all ages from beginners to embarking professionals.

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