Face-to-face practical exams in Term 4

Hosting requirements

The health, safety and wellbeing of candidates, accompanying persons and employees is our first priority. Face-to-face examinations will proceed in compliance with Public Health Directions, the venue’s COVID-Safe Plan and appropriate health and hygiene protocols to mitigate against transmission of COVID-19.

The Public Health Directions that might apply under the National Plan: Phase C were foreshadowed in Victoria’s Roadmap published on 19 September <read more>. The most relevant business category for Private Studios is “Creative Studios”. The RoadMap is silent in respect of restriction levels that will apply to young people under 16, except those attending registered schools.

The provision of face-to-face practical examinations will be subject to examiner availability. AMEB Victoria employees engaging in face-to-face interactions will be fully vaccinated and prepared to accept the risk of conducting face-to-face examinations at schools and private studios.

It is recommended that venues are open only to students who normally attend the venue for lessons. Before opening the venue to candidates from other studios, the venue owner should undertake a health and safety risk assessment. AMEB Victoria is not able to arrange examination venues or endorse private arrangements.

Applications to host examinations will be received from registered schools and private studios who have at least two hours of examinations in the specialist subject area. Applications to host examinations in November 2021 must be received by 15 October.

The venue will need to provide at their own expense an Examinations Supervisor who will also act as the COVID-Safe Marshall.

The applicant will be required to provide acceptable documentation including:

  1. The Practical Exam Venue Questionnaire, together with photographs and a public liability insurance certificate. (Note that, for Comprehensive exams a second acoustic or digital piano is required for the exclusive use of the examiner for Aural Tests.) (See below for download link.)
  2. The venue’s COVIDSafe Plan in compliance with government requirements <read more>.
  3. The venue’s Visitor Policy (e.g. COVID-19 vaccination; COVID-19 test requirements), and check-in requirements (e.g. questionnaire, QR Code, temperature check).
  4. The venue’s health and hygiene protocols (which must be provided to each candidate).

Sample health and hygiene protocols may be found below and may be adjusted to suit the venue’s particular circumstances. A registered school may choose to provide a copy of its own protocols, which AMEB Examiners will comply with.

The venue’s policies and COVID-19 mitigation protocols might require adjustment in response to changes in public health advice and will need to be confirmed with AMEB Victoria one week prior to the scheduled exam date. It is possible that face-to-face exams might be cancelled or deferred at short notice if health and safety issues emerge, or if there is a change to examiner’s availability.


Practical Exam Venue Questionnaire

The three sample Health and Hygiene protocols below are available for studio hosts to edit and distribute to candidates. The files are available in Microsoft Word format, on request.

Health and Hygiene protocols – Piano (sample)
Health and Hygiene protocols – Wind & Voice (sample)
Health and Hygiene protocols – String (sample)

Victoria’s Roadmap webpage
COVIDSafe Plan webpage

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