Evening Practical examinations

Once face-to-face examinations can resume, AMEB Victoria will offer Practical examinations on weekday evenings – to schools and private studios able to host exams – and at the AMEB studios in Hawthorn.

Schools who do not have access to rooms suitable for Practical exams during the teaching day may apply to host exams on a weekday evening (Mondays to Thursdays) from, say, 3:30pm or 4pm till 8:30pm or 9:00pm (as always, exams are available Saturdays and Sundays from 9am till 6pm). This will enable examinations to be undertaken at a time when there are fewer people in the building and, hopefully, satisfy the physical distancing rules applying at the time.

No AMEB face-to-face examination will proceed unless Victorian Government rules and Health & Safety guidelines can be met.

The steps for applying to host exams are as follows:

  1. Enquire via email to ameb-vic@unimelb.edu.au (note that a minimum examining time of 3 hours or more in a particular instrument is required).
  2. Complete a venue questionnaire, providing details of the proposed examination room and instruments (e.g. piano).
  3. Once the venue is accepted, the school will receive an application form, on which candidates’ enrolment details can be provided, together with preferred exam dates and times (or dates to be avoided). It will be possible to request evening or weekend dates.
  4. If the proposal is accepted, we will contact the school to discuss possible exam dates before we enrol the candidates on AMEB Connect and timetable examinations.

A school or private studio with examining time of 3 hours or more in a particular instrument may apply to host face-to-face examinations during upcoming Practical sessions.

Video examinations available for enrolment and video submission in the following sessions:
AMEB Video Repertoire (Series 60)
Rockschool Video Exams (Series 35)
Performance Evaluations (Series 50)

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