Exam Session & Enrolment Dates 2020

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AMEB Victoria has responded to social isolation and physical distancing requirements by offering practical exams by video in 2020. Face-to-face exams will be conducted when it is safe to do so, subject to physical distancing rules and sanitisation protocols being in place. To be certain of being able to complete a practical exam in 2020, it is recommended that candidates prepare for a video examination, where possible.

Enrol for Victorian Practical Examinations, Performance Evaluations and Online Written Examinations, and purchase syllabuses and publications, at AMEB Victoria’s online service centre AMEB Connect.

Practical examinations by video available till 30 November

All Music Practical Repertoire and Certificate of Performance subjects available for examination by video submission.

New Repertoire exams available in For Leisure, CPM and P Plate Piano subjects by video submission.

Rockschool examinations available by video submission.

All Speech and Drama practical subjects to certificate level available by online video examination

To enrol for a video examination on AMEB Connect: 1) select Series 60 Video Examinations; 2) Select the Syllabus and Grade. Each video exam subject code is prefixed by the letter ‘V’ to indicate an examination via video submission.

Performance Evaluations are available by video submission. Enrol in Series 50 Video Performance Evaluations. (Complimentary to VCE Solo Performance Unit 4 students in Term 3. Read more.)

Note: 30 November is the final date for video submission (to enable reports and results to be available by the end of the year).

Face-to-Face Practical examinations

Evening examinations at AMEB Studios in Hawthorn
When face-to-face examinations resume, AMEB Victoria will offer Practical examinations on weekday evenings until 9pm at the AMEB studios in Hawthorn. Enrollers should select Venue 00990 AMEB Hawthorn Evenings (Monday to Thursday). For daytime examinations from 9am till 6pm Monday to Sunday, enrollers should select 00101 AMEB Studios (Hawthorn).

Hosting arrangements for schools and private studios
Schools and private studios with examining time of 3 hours or more in a particular instrument may apply to host face-to-face exams, circumstances permitting and subject to the availability of examiners. If the total examining time is less than three hours, we might be able to provide examination services upon payment of an additional fee (please enquire).

Schools might wish to consider hosting exams on a weekday evening (Mondays to Thursdays) from, say, 4pm till 9pm (as always, exams are available Saturdays and Sundays from 9am till 6pm). This will enable examinations to be undertaken at a time when there are fewer people in the building and, hopefully, satisfy the physical distancing rules applicable at the time.

Schools and private studios who have not previously hosted exams should enquire via email to ameb-vic@unimelb.edu.au (note that a minimum examining time of 3 hours or more in a particular instrument is required). Prior to enrolling candidates, the venue owner will be required to complete a venue questionnaire, providing details of the proposed examination room and the piano (if required), together with the physical distancing and sanitisation/hygiene protocols in place.

The following face-to-face Practical exam sessions are open to enrolment on AMEB Connect. Exams will be conducted when it is safe to do so, subject to physical distancing rules and sanitisation protocols being in place.

Metropolitan Melbourne

All Music and Speech practical subjects except Licentiate Diplomas and special subjects (see below).

SessionExam datesClosing date
5th Metropolitan Practical4 November - 17 December21 August (closed)

Regional Victoria

Special subjects (see below) available in Regional Victoria by special arrangement. Examinations for Associate and Licentiate diplomas are not available in Regional Sessions.

SessionExam datesClosing date
2nd Regional Piano23 November - 17 December12 October (closed)
2nd Regional Instrumental23 November - 17 December12 October (closed)

In the 2nd Regional Instrumental session: Instrumental, Singing and Speech examinations are available in Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Sale, Shepparton, Warragul and Wodonga only.

Special Subjects & Rockschool exams (Melbourne Only)

Accordion, CPM, Harp, Organ, Percussion, Recorder and Rockschool available in the following Special sessions only (alternative dates and locations might be possible where there is examining time of 3 hours or more in a particular subject).

SessionExam datesClosing date
2nd Special Subjects23 November - 17 December12 October (closed)
2nd Rockschool Session23 November - 17 December12 October (closed)

Licentiate Diplomas (Melbourne Only)

SessionExam datesClosing date
3rd Licentiate Practical1 December - 8 December 12 October (closed)

Written Examinations

Grade examinations in Theory of Music, Musicianship and Music Craft (except Grades 5 & 6) are available online.

Speech and Performance Theory Grade 7 now available online.

Traditional paper-based exams for all Theory of Music grades and diplomas available on application. A school or private studio with a minimum of ten candidates may apply to host paper-based Theory of Music examinations at any convenient time from March through to November, circumstances permitting.