CPM Video Repertoire Exams available in 2020

Students of Contemporary Popular Music (CPM) will be able to present for an AMEB Repertoire exam in 2020 by video submission, from 15 June through to 30 November.

A Video CPM Repertoire exam will be available for each grade of the CPM Keyboard syllabus and each step of the CPM Bass, Guitar, Drum Kit and Vocal syllabuses. Candidates can present for a CPM Keyboard Certificate of Performance examination using a combination of video submission and online general knowledge interview.

Technical Work, Knowledge and Understanding, Aural Skills and Reading Skills will not form part of the CPM Video Repertoire grade examination, however candidates will be required to prepare an additional Free Choice work and present two Creative items (compared with the equivalent face-to-face exam grade/step).

Candidates can record their performance of Set Work, Free Choice and Creative items on video and submit it to AMEB for assessment. A PDF copy of each Free Choice work must be provided for use by the examiner.

Please enquire by email about the enrolment and submission process and an information sheet will be emailed to you. A general guide to video exam recording and submission requirements may be found here.

It is hoped that face-to-face CPM exams (full syllabus) will be available in the Second Special Subjects Session (16 November – 6 December), subject to government health and safety directives. However, it is recommended that, given the uncertainty, the video CPM Repertoire exam option is considered.

CPM Bass, Drum Kit, Guitar and Vocal Repertoire exams

Advancing (Steps 1 to 4) – candidates must prepare 8 works (2 Set Works + 4 Free Choice works + 2 Creative).

CPM Keyboard

Fundamental – Level 1 CPM Keyboard Repertoire exams (Preliminary to Grade 4), candidates must prepare 6 works (2 Set Works + 2 Free Choice + 2 Creative).

Advancing – Level 2 CPM Keyboard Repertoire exams (Grades 5 to 8), candidates must prepare 7 works (2 Set Works + 3 Free Choice + 2 Creative).

Teachers and candidates should refer to the graded repertoire lists published in the 2020 CPM Syllabuses.

Each CPM syllabus is available in PDF format for purchase on AMEB Connect at the cost of $8.95 including GST; alternatively, the family of syllabuses for the instrument is available at the cost of $13.45 including GST. (The prices shown are discounted for AMEB Victoria clients.)

Click here to make a video Repertoire exam submission.

The CPM Repertoire exam requirements may be downloaded from the links below:

CPM Bass (Repertoire) – 2020 only

CPM Drum Kit (Repertoire) – 2020 only

CPM Guitar (Repertoire) – 2020 only

CPM Keyboard (Repertoire) – 2020 only

CPM Vocal (Repertoire) – 2020 only