Celebrating our high achievers

The achievements of outstanding young musicians who were successful in the 2019 diploma examinations were recognised in AMEB Victoria’s Conferring of Diplomas Ceremony, held in the Hawthorn Arts Centre on 15 March.

Professor Richard Kurth, Director of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, delivered the Occasional Address to an appreciative audience of diplomates, parents, examiners and guests.

Diplomas were conferred on successful candidates for the Licentiate in Music, Australia (LMusA), the Associate in Music, Australia (AMusA), and the Rockschool Diploma in Music Performance. Of the 131 successful candidates for the Associate Diploma, 23 received Distinction awards in Cello, Classical Guitar, Flute, Horn, Piano, Oboe, Saxophone, Viola and Violin. The Licentiate Diploma was conferred on 29 successful candidates, of whom 5 received Distinction awards in Classical Guitar, Flute, Oboe, Trombone and Viola.

Outstanding performances were given by Vicky Deng, LMusA (Cello) who performed Tchaikovsky’s Pezzo capriccio Op. 62, and Emily Chapman, AMusA with Distinction (Flute) who performed Ballade by Albert Périlhou.

Diplomates receiving multiple awards

We especially congratulate nine musicians who received multiple diplomas (left to right):

1. Gabriel Chan, AMusA with Distinction (Cello) and LMusA (Cello)
2. Owen Chen, AMusA (Piano) and LMusA (Violin)
3. Jay Dingle, AMusA (Piano) and AMusA with Distinction (Oboe)
4. Jacqueline Fu, AMusA (Piano) and AMusA (Violin)
5. Yuki Goh, AMusA (Musicology) and AMusA (Viola)
6. David Kim, AMusA (Clarinet) and LMusA (Violin)
7. Olivia Spyrou, AMusA with Distinction (Violin) and AMusA with Distinction (Viola)
8. Lachlan McKie, AMusA with Distinction (Violin) and LMusA (Violin)
9. Meng Wang, AMusA with Distinction (Piano) and LMusA (Piano)

Multiple awards were also conferred on four diplomates who were unable to attend the Ceremony to receive their diplomas in person:

Alexander Gilham, AMusA (Piano, Trombone and Violin) and LMusA with Distinction (Trombone)
Alice Pfeiffer, AMusA with Distinction (Classical Guitar) and LMusA with Distinction (Classical Guitar)
Edward Song, AMusA (Piano) and AMusA (Oboe)
Annie Yu, AMusA (Piano) and LMusA with Distinction (Oboe).

Special award winners

The three musicians pictured above were presented with Special Awards for outstanding achievement in the 2019 AMEB examinations (left to right):

Jiayi Angela Yin. Winner of the Elizabeth Stainkamph Memorial Prize for the best combined result in Grade 8 Piano and Grade 5 Theory.

Emily Chapman, AMusA (Flute). Winner of the Leslie Barklamb Flute Award.

Crystal Qian, LMusA (Violin). Winner of the VMTA Theory of Music Award for the best Grade 6 Theory exam result.

AUSTA Viola Award

The recipient of the inaugural AUSTA Viola Award was announced at the Ceremony – awarded to Jin Tong Long, LMusA with Distinction (Viola) who, unfortunately, was not able to be present on the day.

AMEB Victoria acknowledges the generous support of the 2019 Special Awards by the Victorian Music Teachers’ Association (VMTA) and the Australian String Teachers’ Association (AUSTA).

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