AMEB Victoria Video Submissions

Regrettably the AMEB Victoria website had some difficulty coping with the large volume of video exam uploads over the weekend. Although 85% of submissions were successfully uploaded many people experienced difficulties, for which we apologise.

The volume of submissions in coming days is expected to be even higher than it was at the weekend, so we are doing two things:
(1) extending the due date for submission to 12 midday on Friday 4 December;
(2) reverting to submission via an unlisted YouTube account.

A guide to preparing videos for submission via YouTube may be found here.

Our website can accept YouTube links now and we look forward to receiving your submission/s over the next few days. Please ignore the Select file button/s on the submission form/s below.

Each file must be less than 2000 MB (2 GB).

Click here for recording requirements.

The following submission types are currently available on this page:

Repertoire grade exam
‘For Leisure’ Repertoire exam
P Plate Piano
Certificate of Performance
Associate Diploma
Performance Evaluation
Speech and Drama online exam
Instrumental Ensemble

Click here for Rockschool video submission procedures.

Click here for CPM submissions.