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AMEB Online Theory Courses

AMEB’s Online Theory courses allow students to learn music theory at their own pace, independently or supporting what is taught in the classroom or private music studio. Our online courses for Grades 1 to 3 Theory of Music are now free until June 30 from  

AMEB Online Theory Courses Step-by-step guide
  1. Go to AMEB ONLINE – Learning & Exams 
  2. Click ‘Register’ and complete the form with your details
  3. Login to AMEB ONLINE – Learning & Exams by entering your Account Holder username and password
  4. Choose the course ‘Buy exams or courses’ from the left-hand menu
  5. Choose the course you’d like to purchase, click on it and then fill in the candidate’s details and purchase the course by credit card
  6. You will then receive an email receipt with a Course Key and Course Pin. These details are also available via your Account Holder profile
  7. To access your online course, go to AMEB Online, and click login. *If you’re still logged in as an Account Holder from enrolling in the course, log out first.
  8. Select Course Candidate from the dropdown menu and enter the Course Key and Course Pin as above.
  9. You are now logged into your course and should see all the view lessons on the left of your screen.
  10. To take the lesson tests, download the AMEB ONLINE – Learning & Exams Software. *Please note that the tests can only be launched on a computer (not a phone or tablet).

The self-guided courses are made up of 12 to 15 pre-recorded video lessons accompanied by interactive online practice tests. These tests are graded and timed and can be used to measure the student’s progress as well as assist a student who may be preparing for an AMEB Theory exam. Students may progress through the material in any way they choose and may return to the lessons or tests at any time through the life of the course.

Please note:
Online theory courses are available through
Online theory exams may be purchased through AMEB Connect (Victoria).

AMEB Federal Office resources

Your Guide To AMEB Recorded Video Exams 2020

Break the isolation – a series of webinars

With social distancing and self-isolation fast becoming our new reality for the next while, we wanted to provide an opportunity for teachers, students, parents and all those in the AMEB community to stay connected.
So we thought, what better way to do this than by starting a series of webinars where we can learn and connect together to digitally break the isolation. Our 30-minute webinars will feature a series of special guests, each who has their own unique connection to AMEB and something helpful to share.

Past webinars

Episode 1 – Teaching Online with Rosanne Hammer

Episode 2 – Teaching Online – Getting Started with Emily Laney

Episode 3 – Strategies for Teaching Online with Yvonne Moore, Tim Moxey and Brendan Collins

Episode 4 – Ensemble Teaching Online with Ingrid Martin

Episode 5 – Teaching Speech & Drama with Victoria Clancy.

Episode 6 – Wellbeing and Connection During Social Isolation with Greta Bradman.

Episode 7 – Teaching Contemporary Guitar Online with Alyson Locke.

Episode 8 – Music Theory Q&A with Andrew Raiskums.

Episode 9Music in Times of Crisis with Benjamin Northey.

Episode 10 – Music Theory, Getting Started with Andrew Raiskums.

Episode 11Keeping Indigenous Language Alive Through Song with Candace Kruger.

AMEB Federal Office – Guide for teachers – how to set up Zoom for online teaching

Teaching music online website

Tim Topham’s Expert round-up – link to taking piano teaching online

Victorian Music Teachers’ Association

The Victorian Music Teachers’ Association has issued a response to the COVID-19 crisis including a compilation of resources for music teachers which includes:

  • Health and Wellbeing Policy
  • Resources for teaching online
  • Piano care recommendations

Online teaching for instrumental teachers a webinar and Q & A presented by VMTA in association with Midnight Music. Click here to watch the replay. website

Click for link to – Practicalities of online lessons for teachers, students and parents

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