Music Practical Certificate and Diploma Exam
Video Submission Form

    Candidate details (as on AMEB Connect)

    (Required for arranging the General Knowledge interview.)


    Subject (instrument)*:

    Select level*:

    Copy and paste YouTube URL here:

    (A performance longer than 30 minutes and recorded with a DSLR camera may be submitted in two consecutively-recorded video clips.)

    Please list all of the works in performance order: Composer and title (as listed in the Manual of Syllabuses). Upload a PDF copy of each work (2mb limit).

    Copyright declaration - Making a temporary copy for an examiner

    I certify that a digital copy of the legal sheet music from which the candidate will perform has been made for use by the examiner. I acknowledge that this digital copy will not be returned to the candidate and will be destroyed by AMEB and I must delete any digital copy of this sheet music I have made (as required under Australian Copyright Law).

    Certification by the recording supervisor

    I certify that the performer is the person named on the enrolment and attest that the performance was supervised by me and was recorded in one take without teaching/coaching assistance.

    I certify that the recorded accompaniments (where applicable) used in this performance are either an official AMEB recorded accompaniment, a commercially available recorded accompaniment or a privately made audio recording which will not be used in public performance (including public access on YouTube or other digital means) and will not be sold commercially.

    I give permission for segments of this recording to be used anonymously by AMEB for examiner training purposes.

    (The supervisor may be contacted to verify their role in witnessing the recording.)